Petrified wood or stone wood

Petrified wood stone or wood. Technology is in the process of development!     Artificially created petrified wood in water

Led self-changing color

Led color-changing yourself.     Description: Created ledwhich can change its color. In ordinary LEDs to display different colors use

Fabrication of waterproof tissues

Manufacture of waterproof fabrics.     Description: The technology of making waterproof and stain-resistant fabrics through deposition of special protective

Shale oil, feature, extraction

Shale oil, feature, extraction.     Shale oil is a natural minerals that are “unconventional” oil. Shale oil is more

Naptha, properties, application

Naptha, properties, application.     Naphtha is a flammable liquid mixture of hydrocarbons heavier than gasoline obtained by direct distillation

Paper out of fallen leaves

The paper from the fallen leaves.     Description: The technology of production of paper from the fallen leaves of

Superconducting foam

Superconducting foam.     Description: Scientists have created a new kind of structure of the superconductor, superconductor foam. Created material

“Second sound” in graphite

“Second sound” in graphite.     Description: The researchers conducted a series of experiments with normal graphite and opened his

Surface (floating) farm

Surface (floating) of the farm. Technology is in the process of development!     Description: Floating (surface) of the farm

Artificial leaf

Artificial leaf. Technology is in the process of development!     Description: Artificial leaf is a device that mimics the

Flexible display

The flexible display. Technology is in the process of development!     Description: Flexible display – a display that is

Orbital solar power plant

Orbital solar power plant. Technology is in the process of development!     Description: Orbital solar power station designed for

Computer based on DNA

Computer based on DNA. Technology is in the process of development!     Description: A conventional computer operates on electrical

The space Elevator

The space Elevator, projects and concepts. Technology is in the process of development!     Space Elevator – design to

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene for extreme conditions sewn foam buy cable low price high pressure insulation GOST production of pressure the density of the steel sheet material compound for floor mounting coupler thickness feature film technical dimensions, types of pipe waste permanent connection properties, the application of brand types welcome foil transition HDPE boats packages welding linear receiving color formula reinforced extruded with his hands

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) is a material for extreme operating conditions.     Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) is

Quantum polyethylene

Quantum plastic.     Quantum polyethylene is a polyethylene, in which embedded quantum dots. The unique quantum properties of the

Cold plasma

The cold plasma.     Cold plasma is a partially ionized gas (fraction of charged particles in the gas is

The Laval Nozzle

The Laval Nozzle.     The Laval nozzle, a gas channel of a special profile that increases passing through it

Power station waste

Carbide power plant waste.     Carbide power station is a power plant, where raw materials are human waste, and

Atomic laser

Atomic laser. Technology is in the process of development!     Atomic laser – a device for producing moving beams

Wells using vortex effect

Wells using vortex effect.     In ancient times all over the silk road was constructed wells, which used a

Black hole

Black hole.     Description: A black hole is a region of space — time, the gravitational pull is so

The oxide of yttrium-barium-copper

The oxide of yttrium-barium-copper.     Description: The oxide of yttrium-barium-copper, also known as YBCO (spoken: and-be-Ko) is a commonly


The plasmatron.     The torch, also referred to as a plasma generator – electrical design, creating a plasma using

Robot avatar

Robot avatar.     Description: The robot avatar is a robotthat has the ability to by means of sensors and

Osmotic power plant

Osmotic power plant.     Osmotic power – power plant for generating electrical energy due to the diffusion of liquids

The Reaction Of Sabatier

The Reaction Of Sabatier.     Description Sabatier reaction The use of the Sabatier reaction   Description Sabatier reaction: The

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