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Bulk carrier – General cargo ship project RSD59.     Bulk carrier – General cargo ship project RSD59 – multipurpose

Greening of the desert

Greening of the desert.     Scientists have created the technology of greening the desert, which turns sandy soil into

Fresnel Lens

The Fresnel Lens.     Fresnel lens is an optical part with a complex stepped surface. The use of a

Liquefied gas

Liquefied gas.     Liquefied natural gas is natural gas predominantly consisting of methane (CH4), artificially liquefied by cooling to


Geotubes.     Geotubes: Geotubes is filters, made in the form of a cylindrical bulk bags made of high-strength geotextile

Disperse system

Disperse system.   Disperse system is education (a mixture) of two or more phases (of objects, substances), which practically do

Photoacoustic effect

Photoacoustic effect.     The photoacoustic effect is the formation of sound waves after absorption of the irradiated material. It

Tempered glass

Tempered glass.     Tempered glass is a type of common sheet glass, subjected special thermal treatment. With the result

Soybean yields in Russia

Soybean yields in Russia.     Soybean yields per 1 ha in Russia from 1990 to 2018.   Soybean yields

Robotic lenses

Robotic lenses. Technology is in the process of development!     Robotic lenses work from the natural electrical signals (electrical

The recovery of uranium from water

The extraction of uranium from the water.     Scientists have developed an adsorbent material, based on bioinspired gelatinous agent

Purification of water from uranium

Purification of water from uranium.     Purification of water from dissolved uranium is carried out using sorbent containing nanoscale

Hydrated fullerene

Hydrated fullerene.     Hydrated fullerene is the fullerene molecule C60, encased in a voluminous shell of water molecules. It

Laser bio-printer BioDrop

Laser bio-printer BioDrop.     Created by Russian bio-printer BioDrop laser, which works on the technology of bioprinting based on


Angstrom.     Angstrom – deprecated non-si unit of length equal to 10-10 m, named after the Swedish physicist and

Thermoacoustic effect

Thermoacoustic effect and thermoacoustic machine.     Thermoacoustic effect is the conversion of heat into acoustic energy (direct thermoacoustic effect)

Biodegradable shoes

Biodegradable shoes.     Biodegradable shoes: Biodegradable shoes – it’s eco-friendly shoes that are made of durable natural plant materials.

Double-layer graphene

Double-layer graphene.     Double-layer graphene – a kind of graphene, formed by two closely spaced graphene layers. Double-layered graphene

Condensate Bose-Einstein

Condensate Bose-Einstein.     Condensate the Bose-Einstein state of matter, which is based on the bosons cooled to temperatures close

Silicon carbide

The silicon carbide.     Silicon carbide is a binary inorganic compound of silicon carbon (SiC), colorless crystal. Has a

Carrickbrennan fiber

Carrickbrennan fiber.     Carrickbrennan fiber and structural fiber consisting of nanocrystalline silicon carbide (SiC). It has the durability to

Pentaborate tungsten

Pentaborate tungsten. Technology is in the process of development!     Pentaborate tungsten (WB5) needs to become a cheap substitute

Compound of manganese and arsenic

The connection of manganese, and arsenic.   Compound of manganese and arsenic (MnAs) exhibits a giant magnetocaloric effect at room

Magnetic fridge

Magnetic refrigerator. Technology is in the process of development!     Magnetic refrigerator – a refrigerator, a magnetic cooling device,

Standalone ship

Autonomous vessel.     Standalone ship: Autonomous ship uses as a source of energy generation and movement solar panels and

The Magnus Effect

The Magnus Effect.     The Magnus effect is a physical phenomenon that occurs when the flow around a rotating


Turboprop.     Turboprop is a auxiliary ship propulsion, wind energy, based on the Magnus effect. Externally is a hollow

Unmanned ship

Unmanned ship. Technology is in the process of development!     The unmanned ship is a type of unmanned vehicles

Enzymes which decompose lignin

Enzymes which decompose lignin.     Enzymes which decompose lignin: Scientists have synthesized a family of enzymes (included in the

Device for collecting solar heat

Device for collecting solar heat. Technology is in the process of development!     Device for collecting solar heat, consisting

Permitted nitride rhenium

Permitted nitride rhenium.     Permitted nitride rhenium: Synthesized a previously unknown super-hard material – permitted nitride of rhenium Re2(N2)(N)2

Inflatable structure

Inflatable structure.     Inflatable structure is a temporary structure consisting of a plurality of pneumokoki, combined into a single

Window display

Window display.     Window display: The window display is a glass pane with a transparent OLED-matrix. The window display


Paver.     Paver – road construction equipment intended for distribution and pre-compaction (installation) asphalt concrete mixes for road bases

Cryogenic steels and alloys

Cryogenic steels and alloys.     Cryogenic steels and alloys intended for receipt, transport and storage of liquefied gases having

Modifier concrete strength

Modifier strength concrete.     Modifier strength concrete additive based on carbon nanomaterials, is designed to increase the strength of


Graphane.     Graphane is a hydrogenated derivative of graphene (hydrogenated graphene).   Graphane: Graphane is a hydrogenated derivative of

The grader (motor grader)

The grader (motor grader).     Grader – towed or self-propelled wheeled machine with an adjustable blade, positioned between front

Exothermic reaction

The exothermic reaction.     Exothermic reaction – a chemical reaction accompanied by release of heat. Exothermic reaction gives off


The humidity of the air.     Humidity is a quantity that characterizes the content of water vapor in the

The method of labeled neutrons

A method of tagged neutrons.     The method of labeled neutrons determines the presence and concentration of various chemical


Polyetheretherketone.     Polyetheretherketone – a semi-crystalline thermoplastic high-tech polymer having outstanding mechanical, chemical, dielectric, structural, etc. properties that is

Multivalency ultra-precise laser

Multivalency ultra-precise laser.     Description Application   Description: Multivalency ultra-precise laser in the same laser beam has a different

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