Perforated beam stiffness

Perforated beam stiffness.     Perforated beam – beam with slits in the wall, which will facilitate with mechanical parameters

Super durable bearings

Super durable bearings.     Super durable bearings are designed for different operating conditions. Work in various temperature ranges, corrosive

Metallurgical Vanyukov furnace

Metallurgical Vanyukov furnace.     Metallurgical Vanyukov furnace – autogenous smelter for processing, usually copper, copper-Nickel and copper-zinc concentrates, slags,

Colossal carbon tube

Colossal carbon tube.     Colossal carbon tube – tubular form of carbon. Their diameter is much – tens of

Carbon nanopen

Carbon nanopen.     Carbon nanaina represents the smallest mesh of carbon nanotubes and clusters.   Description Benefits and properties

Smokeless coal

Smokeless coal.     Smokeless coal is a product of processing of brown coal has increased twice in comparison with

Petal gas-dynamic bearings

Petal gas-dynamic bearings.     Petal gas-dynamic bearings is oil-free bearings that allow you to completely eliminate the use in

Bioreactors gas-vortex universal

Bioreactors gas-vortex for the successful cultivation of almost all types of cells and microorganisms.     The purpose of a


Carbon.     Carbon, or carbon fiber, is a high-strength material, featuring light weight and high strength and stiffness.  

World coal production

World coal production.     World coal production by countries, including Russia, from 2005 to 2016, the highest level of

Engine Milroy

Engine Milroy.     Engine Milroy consists of a conductive shaft, with the two sides on which the clothed roller

List of chemical elements

A list of the chemical elements in order of increasing atomic number.     1. Hydrogen 2. Helium 3. Li

Automated snow machines

Automated snow machines. Technology is in the process of development!     Description: Automated snow machines represent a kind of

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