Steel for forged railway wheels increased reliability

For steel solid-rolled railway wheels with increased reliability.



Solid-rolled railway wheels made of special alloy steel bainite structures have high operational resource. The durability of these wheels is more than 1.5 times higher than conventional one.


Steel for forged railway wheels increased reliability

Banana structure structure, beynit



Steel for forged railway wheels high security:

Developed alloy steel for forged railway wheels increased reliability has bantou structure. This was a specially selected chemical composition of steel and special heat treatment regime.

Train wheel from this steel have high operational resource. So, the toughness of the wheel rim of new material at a certain temperature, above 25%, drive wheels 70% compared with steel grade So the wear resistance of the wheel by more than 1.5 times higher than the same indicator in comparison with wheels of steel grade, Etc


Banana steel structure, beynit:

Beynit (named after the English Metallurgist E. Bane) – needle troostite, structure of steel, resulting from the so-called intermediate transformation of austenite. Beynit consists of a mixture of particles supersaturated with carbon ferrite and iron carbide. Education bainite is accompanied by the appearance of a characteristic relief on the polished surface of the cone.

Distinguish between upper and lower beynit beynit.

Top beynit – structure pinnate, formed of super-cooled austenite at a temperature 500-350 °C. Has higher hardness and strength but lower ductility.

Lower beynit — structure of needle martensitnogo formed by the collapse of the supercooled austenite at temperatures 350-200 °C. it Has high hardness and strength at high ductility.


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