Heavy laser cutting machine metal

Heavy machine laser metal cutting.



Heavy machine metal laser cutting machine designed for cutting of sheet material of “black” and stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other metals and alloys. Has a high speed synchronous linear displacement along the axes X and Y of 200 m/min, high precision positioning, operation under harsh conditions 24 hours a day and automatically tuning the focus.




Technical characteristics of the machine ЛМ3015



Heavy machine metal laser cutting machine designed for cutting of sheet material of “black” and stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other metals and alloys.

Total weight of the laser machine is 12 000 kg, twice the mass of the machines of the majority of Russian manufacturers, so as to provide high dynamic performance, which are machine tools required durable construction to withstand long-term operation in the harshest conditions without losing accuracy of positioning and repeatability.

The design of the machine includes a massive Selenomethionine stand, table changing system, Selenomethionine portal, the rack-and-pinion, profile rails, protective enclosures, high torque actuators, pull out trays, automatic gas console with three gas channels, the control rack is equipped with CNC GAMMA+, the optical head of their own development LMG X with automatically tuned focus.

Transportation of the beam in the treatment area is carried out by means of fiber optic cable.

The workpiece is subject to cutting, is located on the table of loading/ unloading without additional fixation, since the cutting head is moved relative to a fixed workpiece with a gap without mechanical contact. The gap between the workpiece and the nozzle of the cutting head is adjusted automatically.

Protective Cabinet protects the operator from harmful reflected radiation has a viewing window and convenient service sliding panels for easy access to all machine components.

Software CNC router machine implemented on the Linux operating system, which eliminates the “hang up”, “viruses” and instability inherent in the system on Windows OS. The software is completely Russified, has the ability to dial in and has a clean and simple interface.



– speed synchronous linear movements in the X and Y axes is up to 200 m/min,

high positioning accuracy,

– possibility of operation in harsh conditions 24 hours a day,

the ability to withstand high dynamic load,

optical head LMG X own production is equipped with automatically drive focusing lenses. Management focal length is NC, the value of the distance between the lenses is selected according to the thickness of the cutting material, and according to the cutting program.


Technical characteristics of the machine ЛМ3015:

General specifications:
The size of the treatment area 3100*1580*17 mm
Speed free movements along the axes (X, Y, sync)/ZПриводы YASKAWA Sigma VII Servos Linear actuators m/min
140/60 200/60
Maximum acceleration along the axes X, Y 1.2 g 2 g
Positioning accuracy 0,05 0,03 mm/m
Repeatability 0,01 0,01 mm/m
Machine dimensions (without cabinets source and chiller) 8250*2590*1870 mm
Total weight up to 12 000 kg
Laser source:
Cutting width 0,1-0,2 mm
Power consumption 3х380 In
The radiation power from 1 000 to 6 000 W
The quality of the output beam 2,5 mm*mrad
Cooling water-to-air
Consumption 28 (common), 9 (source) kW
Software Tekhtran
Conversion program from AUTOCAD Incl.
Communication with the computer Incl.


Note: the description of technology on the example of laser cutting machine ЛМ3015.