Immortal creature on Earth

An immortal being.



The only one on Earth immortal being (animal) is the jellyfish Turritopsis nutricula. It infinite number of times starts the process of rejuvenation of your body.


Immortal creature – jellyfish Turritopsis nutricula:

The only one on Earth immortal being (animal) is the jellyfish Turritopsis nutricula. The representatives of this species belong to the genus of hydroid from the order Anthoathecata and inhabit the seas of tropical and temperate zones. Have a domed shape and have dimensions of about 3-5 mm in diameter. On the edge of the umbrella is the Corolla of tentacles, whose number increases in the course of life: 8 we are a spin-off of Medusa to 80-90.

In nature, when the jellyfish reaches adulthood, he goes down to the sea bottom, covered with a chitinous crust and transforms into a polyp. Under a layer of chitin of all the cells of the jellyfish is completely updated and Medusa from the adult phase shifts in the initial phase of its development, as if born anew. Then “rejuvenated” Medusa is released from the chitin layer and continues its life cycle until, until you grow old. The cycle of rejuvenation is repeated again and again ad infinitum. This ability of regeneration have jellyfish that has reached sexual maturity.

In the laboratory starting the process of regeneration jellyfish have been achieved only by sudden changes in water temperature, reduced salinity, long aging jellyfish without food, and applying it to mechanical damage.

The study of this phenomenon – rejuvenation jellyfish Turritopsis nutricula scientists. The results of the study will have importance for anti-aging and the development of regenerative medicine.


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