Pendant.     Coulomb – unit of electric charge (quantity of electricity), as well as the flow of electric induction


Plumber.     Plumber – two-dimensional allotropic lead compound that is similar to graphene, silicine and so forth two-dimensional materials.

Edible tableware

Edible utensils.     Created edible dishes from Lupin, the seeds of which 50% contain proteins.   Edible tableware References

Mixed gas

The mixed gas, the composition, obtaining and application.     Mixed gas is a flammable gas, mixed gas, the composition

The Seebeck Effect

The Seebeck Effect.     The Seebeck effect is the phenomenon of emergence in a closed electrical circuit of the

The Peltier Effect

The Peltier Effect.     The Peltier effect is that when the passage of electric current through the contact (junction)

Ink that can change color

Ink that can change color.     Scientists have developed an ink that can change color under the influence of

Reusable adhesive

Reusable adhesive.     Created reusable adhesive, which may be used repeatedly without loss of adhesive properties and strength of

GOST 9353-2016 Wheat. Specifications

GOST 9353-2016 Wheat. Specifications   GOST 9353-2016     INTERSTATE STANDARD WHEAT Specifications Wheat. Specifications   ISS 67.060 Date of

The activation of materials

The activation of materials.     The activation of materials: The activation — the formation of more chemically active substances

Immortal creature on Earth

An immortal being.     The only one on Earth immortal being (animal) is the jellyfish Turritopsis nutricula. It infinite

Carbon nanofibers

The carbon nanofibers.     Carbon nanofibers (carbon nanofibers) are threadlike particles, built from a very large number of graphene

Galvanizing and methods

Galvanizing and methods.     Galvanizing is a coating metal layer of zinc for corrosion protection. Galvanizing provides metal both

Metalloelastase cover

Metalloelastase coverage.     Metalloelastase coatings have improved characteristics and properties (high hardness, wear resistance, heat resistance, antifrictional, etc.), several

Chromium diamond composite coating

Chromium diamond composite coating.     Chromium diamond composite coating belongs to the category metalloorganic coatings. It has improved characteristics

Gold diamond composite coating

Gold diamond composite coating.     Gold diamond composite coating is a protective coating and is characterized by high durability

Two-dimensional copper oxide

Two-dimensional copper oxide.     Two-dimensional copper oxide is a two-dimensional material like graphene, but unlike the latter is not

Carbon nano –

Carbon nano.     Carbon nano: Carbon nano – conical carbon structures, linear dimensions of which, at least in one

Graphene plate

Graphene plate.     Graphene plates with a diameter of from 100 to 300 mm are grown on polycrystalline copper

Two-dimensional materials

Two-dimensional materials.     Two-dimensional materials are substances consisting of a layer with a thickness of one atom. They have


Heterostructures.     Semiconductor heterostructures are used in the creation of modern transistors, lasers, LEDs, solar panels, thyristors, etc.  

The nanofluid

The nanofluid.     The nanofluid is a fluid containing nanoparticles and agglomerates of nanoparticles, i.e. particles with a size

Artificial meat

Faux meat.     Artificial meat grown from stem cells of animals. The process of tissue growth of artificial meat

Water filter

Water filter.     Water filter designed for water purification. Its main task is to remove from the liquid all

Earthquake resistant bridge columns

Earthquake-resistant bridge columns. Technology is in the process of development!     Earthquake-resistant bridge columns are able to recover to

Pneumatic battery

Pneumatic battery.     The pneumatic accumulator is designed to accumulate excess electricity generated at generation of electricity in power

Space hotel

Space hotel. Technology is in the process of development!     Space hotel: It is planned to build the first

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Amaranth and its properties for improving soil fertility, medicinal purposes and as a “storage protein”.     Amaranth is a

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