Mining on asteroids

Mining on asteroids. Technology is in the process of development!     Given that the mineral reserves on Earth are

Ginger – oil plants

Ginger – oil plants.     Saffron – Botanical description. The value Distribution and habitat. Care and cultivation of ginger

Union glass and metal

The connection of glass and metal. Technology is in the process of development!     Description: Traditionally, the connection of


Watts.     Watt – unit of power and heat flow, flow of sound energy, power, constant electric current, active,

Nanodiamond polishing paste FIN

Nanodiamond polishing paste FIN for superfinishing polishing.     Nanodiamond polishing paste FIN in its composition contains nano-diamond powder is

Luminescence, the nature and types of

Luminescence, nature and types.   Luminescence is the luminescence non-thermal character, which is observed after the absorption of body (matter)

Zhores Alferov of industrialization

Zhores Alferov of industrialization.     Zhores Alferov of industrialization: It [Russia’s future] lies in industrialization. Why I fight for

Self-propelled icebreaking nose

Self-propelled icebreaking nose. Technology is in the process of development!     Description: Self-propelled icebreaking nose is a console, which

Laser marking

Laser marking.     Laser marking is the impact of laser radiation on the material, which changes its surface and

Digital double

Digital double.     Digital double – a virtual model (prototype) existing in the reality of the object: part, device

Nesmachnyi the complex “Diamond”

Nesmachnyi the complex “Diamond”     Nesmachnyi the complex “Diamond” is intended to increase the resource of internal combustion engines

The technology of the future

The technology of the future.     Presents a list of breakthrough technologies (future technologies) from the periodic table of

Neural processor

The neural processor.     Description: The neural processor is a specialized class of microprocessors and coprocessors (which are often

Colonization Of The Moon

Colonization Of The Moon.     Colonization of the moon is of interest not only because of the production of

Superconducting motor

Superconducting motor. Technology is in the process of development!     Superconducting motor has a specific power and specific torque

Unmanned aerial tram

Unmanned aerial tram. Technology is in the process of development!     Description: Unmanned aerial tram is a type of

Floating solar panels

Floating solar panels.     Description: Floating solar panels constitute solar panelsmounted on pontoons floating on the water surface and


E-cloth.     Description: E-cloth (E-cloth, “smart fabric”) – a kind of clothcontaining electronics (including small computers), and applied digital

Smart glasses

Smart glasses civilian version created on the basis of the military version of the equipment of the “Warrior”.    

Bulletproof glass “Antiislam+”

Bulletproof glass “Antiislam+”.     Multilayer transparent bulletproof glass “Antiislam+” withstood a series of various full-scale extreme tests (for bullet

Freight locomotive series 2ЭВ120

Freight locomotive series 2ЭВ120.     Freight locomotive series 2ЭВ120 designed for driving trucks and heavy trains weighing up to

Wood foam

Wood foam.     Wood foam (foamed wood) is a new type of construction material, made from natural wood. Is

Liquid lens

The liquid lens.     A liquid lens based on the thermocapillary effect can operate in the mode of collecting


Borovan.     Description: Boroden – two-dimensional crystal of boron. It has high strength, conductivity and other unique properties. Thus,

Anti-stress agriculture

Anti-stress agriculture.     Stress agriculture is an innovative biotechnology antistress high yielding agriculture on the basis of complex biological

The hybrid Na-CO2 battery

The hybrid Na-CO2 battery that continuously produces electric power and hydrogen. Technology is in the process of development!    

Heavy-duty conduit for power lines

Heavy-duty conduit for power lines.     Heavy-duty conduit for power lines from an aluminum-zirconium alloy retains its good conductivity,

Stirling engine – a simple and reliable heat engine with his own hands the working principle of buy price how to make drawings 1 kW efficiency model video the most power combustion low-temperature home big scheme of thermoacoustic types of application calculation of alpha as the thermal working drawings the design device download a simple free piston solar cycle from the jar sizes on aliexpress

The Stirling engine principle of operation, design and configuration.     The Stirling engine is a heat engine in which

Vermicompost is an artificial, full black soil for seedling topsoil application of liquid to by what it is and how to use usage instructions reviews price, buy potted plants for the production of fertilizing tomatoes at home earth worms versatile color dry best how to breed for colors pepper organic wholesale irrigation vermicompost video concentrate producers for vegetables power hood in bags at home

Vermicompost – an artificial, a full earth.     Vermicompost is an artificial, full-mold, in which it was possible to

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