The activation of materials

The activation of materials.



The activation of materials:

The activation — the formation of more chemically active substances preliminary mechanical treatment. The activation occurs when the rate of accumulation of defects exceeds the rate of their disappearance. Mechanical activation is different from grinding. Thus, the grinding is carried out with the aim of obtaining the maximum surface with minimal energy expenditure, and activation – for the purpose of accumulation of energy in the form of defects and other changes in solids, which allow to reduce the energy of activation of its subsequent chemical transformation, or to improve the steric conditions for the occurrence of chemical processes.

The activation is accompanied by changes in energy of the crystal lattice of the material. As a result of mechanical activation of materials unique physical-mechanical and chemical properties.

With the help of mechanical activation can be obtained as various catalysts, pigments and sorbents with improved properties, and conventional materials with the same properties.


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