Gold diamond composite coating

Gold diamond composite coating.



Gold diamond composite coating is a protective coating and is characterized by high durability – 5 to 15 times more than ordinary gold plating.


Description gold-diamond composite coatings

Advantages gold-diamond coating compared with conventional gold plating


Description gold-diamond composite coatings:

Gold diamond composite coating is a protective and decorative coating to products of the watch industry, jewellery, gift, premium and other products, as well as the contact details of electro-, radio – and electronic industry and other any products, which are usually covered in gold or its imitations (titanium nitride). This coating together with the gold contains dispersed particles of nanodiamonds, which causadas with the gold surface, forming a special structure of the metal film.

This structure has submicrocrystal at the level of 100-200 nm, disordered texture, layered character, small defects. Thus the layers of gold-diamond coating adjacent to the substrate are plastic, dense and non-porous, and the outer layers are solid and durable. This combination provides high performance properties of coatings at small thicknesses. The coating thickness is approximately 2.0 micrometers.

Gold-diamond coating is applied to a standard galvanic equipment and tooling with the use of special electrolytes.


Advantages gold-diamond coating compared with conventional gold coating:

– has a high chemical and corrosion resistance (does not oxidize or tarnish under atmospheric conditions). Acid, alkali, sulfur and other substances on the gold have no effect,

– well polished,

– the product provides long-term protection from any corrosion and mechanical abrasion. Thus, durability is increased to 5-15 times compared to gold,

– does not contain allergens, which is, for example, Nickel,

– has a high conductivity,

– provides an attractive appearance to the products

– increases the microhardness of the coating up to 250 HV,

– reduced the process of applying gold coatings,

– provides significant savings of precious metals in 20-30 times.


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