Enhanced graphene – graphene reinforcement

Enhanced graphene – graphene reinforcement.



Enhanced graphene – graphene reinforcement is a three – dimensional structure established on the basis of conventional carbon nanotubes and graphene. Such three-dimensional structure from 2 to 10 times stronger than conventional graphene.


Enhanced graphene – graphene reinforcement



Enhanced graphene – graphene reinforcement:

Graphene is a two-dimensional material of single carbon atoms assembled in a hexagonal lattice, and in itself is a very durable material. It is stronger of steel in 100 times. However, if we strengthen the graphene carbon nanotubes, it turns out the three-dimensional structure, which is stronger than conventional graphene from 2 to 10 times. This reinforced graphene is called the reinforcing graphene.

The reinforcing structure of graphene is similar to the structure of ordinary concrete. So, to reinforce concrete using steel rods (rebar), reinforcement in graphene the role of the steel rods perform carbon nanotubes.

In addition, the crystal lattice of graphene in reality never has the appearance of a perfect hexagonal matrix, he (graphene) consists of crystalsgrowing individually and mating boundaries. The introduction of carbon nanotubes allows to address the structural defects in the joints of the crystal lattice.


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