The system of mass attraction of buyers in the retail network

The system of mass attraction of buyers in retail chains.



The system of mass attraction of buyers (SMP) is a software product that solves marketing challenges for massive and effective to attract and retain buyers in retail chains without any advertising costs. Increasing its turnover by 50% over 4-6 months.






The system of mass attraction of buyers (SMP) is a software product that solves marketing challenges for mass and the effective attraction and retention of customers in retail networks without any advertising costs.

Computer program parameters artificial intelligence optimizes and minimizes all otsenochnaya promotion, buyers will be much more profitable to buy products in these shops. Buyers are permanent for the duration of the operation of the stores with this technology.

All customers, when buying the products, always guided by the following criteria: the demand for the product, the availability of sufficient Finance, the quality of the products and the remoteness of the store from his place of residence or from the coincidence of the location of the stores and the way to work, place of residence. Plus extra details, such as: comfort, cleanliness, lighting, location of goods, presence of queues, courtesy and participation of the shop personnel.

And there are 2 strong factors that every buyer always takes into account:

1) it is the benefits of buying in terms of saving their fundsthat is always aimed at all buyers, and is aimed otsenochnaya shares in all stores;

2) recommendation of a loved one, relative, friend or just good friend.

If the first criteria (price, quality, location, courtesy, etc.) any store must abide by as a matter of course, it turns out that almost all the shops in one degree or another equivalent.

But the store, which will provide the maximum (!) benefit from buying, and which will always be subject to a positive recommendation the buyers from friend to friend, that store will always be the most popular, and most visited. And consequently the influx of buyers will be constant, and turnovers will be appropriate. Of course it is keeping the proper level of the basic criteria (price, quality, location, courtesy, etc.).

SMPP applied in a non-competitive scheme for the creation and permanent maintenance of these 2 factors: the maximum permanent benefit for customers, without reducing the sales of shops (not uzrocnik stock and no advertising costs), and development of “sarafannoe radio” on the positive recommendations about shopping in these stores.



– allows to significantly increase the influx of buyers and therefore shopping momentum,

does not require advertising costs,

– increasing its turnover by 50-100% in 2-3 months.