The technology of hydroponics based on nutrient layers (NFT) strawberries lettuce tomatoes cucumbers at home

Economical hydroponics with a large area of oxygen enrichment of the water.



Application of the method of the nutrient layer (NFT) in hydroponics allows you to create a simple design and at low cost and with a large area of oxygen enrichment of the water.



The principle of operation





The technology of hydroponics based on nutrient layers (Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) – literally, “Nutrient Film Technique”) is an active systemin which there is a constant circulation of a thin layer of nutrient solution through the pump. In this system, only the tips of plant roots dipped into the solution. Due to the constant friction, air and water large area of water is enriched with oxygen. In nature, therefore the upper layers of the rivers are saturated with oxygen. The technology of hydroponics based on nutrient layers (NFT) is commonly used for plants with a short growth period.

The nutrient solution must have the correct pH level, as the ability of plants to absorb nutrients from solution depends on this parameter. High pH levels negatively affect the plant absorption of manganese, boron, zinc, copper, phosphorus, and low in the absorption of calcium, magnesium, sulfur, potassium.



For germination and continued growth of any plants except for root crops as substrate can be used rock wool, elastic fibers that create the conditions for optimal delivery of water and air to roots of plants. You can use shredded coconut, which protects against fungi and diseases.


Working principle:

From impenetrable to light tanks, in which is located a pump for pumping nutrient solution into the system and the compressor to saturate the water with oxygen, the nutrient solution is supplied on one side of the inclined tray in which can be pipe or box (tilt angle 7° – 11°), and on the other hand flows back into the vessel. This ensures the constant power of the root system without stagnation of water. It is important that the water was distributed evenly over the entire area of the bath. And the smaller the bubbles, the better the oxygen is absorbed by the root system of plants. Most small particles of air you can get when you use Aeroponics with injectors.



– simplicity of design;

low cost design;

– a large area oxygen saturation;

the ability to gather their own hands, using plastic gutters, plastic pallets, aquarium aerator, silicone hoses, etc.



– dependence on a constant water circulation. If the water stops flowing, the roots can dry out.