Infrared wall heater-picture

Infrared wall heater-picture.



Infrared wall heater-painting is a colorful mural inside of which is a modern film infrared heater, made of carbon (carbon) filaments and coated on one side, and on the other a reflective screen.



The principle of operation


Technical characteristics of conventional infrared heater-picture



Infrared wall heater-painting is a colorful mural, inside which is a modern film infrared heater, made of carbon (carbon) filaments and coated with film on one side and on the other a reflective screen. The film just suffered a colorful image that decorates the room.

Heating, painting warms the room with it, the thermal energy heats the air and objects in his field of action. It works more effective and more economical than traditional heaters. The main advantage of saving electricity by 40-60%. As a rule, heating, painting, depending on size, can be used for heating premises up to 25 m2. For heating a larger area is necessary to increase the number of heaters.

The heating temperature of the heating surface of the heater film wall-paintings does not exceed 65-75 degrees. Why to burn yourself in case of accidental contact with them is impossible. In addition, an automatic protection against overheating and failure. Once the heater-picture of felt the pressure on the surface of paths, it is automatically disconnected. And off not all the heating, painting, and the only place that generated pressure from the outside.

Heating, painting can be hung on any wall surface. The reverse side of the heater pattern is not heated, as a protected reflective screen, and always stays cool. However, it is recommended to do a small offset from the wall 2 cm.

The panels can be shown in a painting of any genre: portrait, still life, landscape, architectural, battle, genre, animal, decorative or historical painting, Marina.

Used for heating residential and office space, balconies, loggias, bathrooms, corridors, storerooms, etc., as in General the entire premises, and locally – certain parts of it.


Working principle:

Infrared picture heater heats the room in a natural way – due to infrared radiation. In the same way the Sun heats the Earth. Infrared rays heat up not air, and all the objects and surface in the room (furniture, walls, floor, ceiling, etc.). The radiant energy is absorbed by the surrounding surfaces and objects, turning into heat energy, heats them which in turn transfer the heat to the air. Thus, by convection from hot objects and surfaces heats the air in the room. So the air is not dried, and the oxygen content therein is not reduced. This principle of operation of infrared heaters also makes a significant economic effect in comparison with convection heating, where heat is consumed for heating substantially unused space.



– compact and light weight. It weighs less than 1 kg, and the dimensions of the heater of 90 x 60 cm to 200 x 60 cm, thickness 1-3 mm

– warms the room faster than oil radiators and conventional electric heaters, since carbon has a much higher conductivity in comparison with metal,

– has a high efficiency over 90%,

– environmentally friendly. Infrared heater does not burn oxygen and does not dry the air

– infrared waves have a positive effect on human health,

– does not overheat, allowing you to keep it in working condition almost constantly,

– fireproof,

– can work in high humidity areas,

– safe at home. When touched it instantly cools,

– work silently,

– frugality. More economical than conventional heaters 40-60 %,

– ease of use,

– reliability,

– interior decoration. On the working surface can be applied to any image,

– instant heat. Up to operating temperature, the heater pattern is heated for 1-2 minutes.


Technical characteristics of conventional infrared heater pictures:

Name of the parameter: Value:
Image size, cm 120*60
Power, W 350-500
Surface temperature, maximum, oC 60-75
Voltage, V 220
Working life time, hours an average of 50 000
Weight to 1


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