Polyethylene, superior in strength aluminium

Polyethylene, superior in strength to aluminum.



Polyethylene, superior in strength aluminium, made from ordinary sheet of thick polythene (HDPE) by stretching at temperatures below the melting point. It is superior to aluminum alloys not only for strength but also density.



Scientists have created a polyethylenethat is stronger than the strength of aluminium. The new material is made from normal dense polyethylene (HDPE) by special technology, eliminating the use of any additives.

To obtain this material, the scientists took a sheet of plain dense polyethylene (HDPE) and pulled it at a temperature below the melting point at a temperature of 90-110 °C. as a result of changed microstructure of the polymer, it became the high strength and fully transparent.

The maximum tensile strength obtained from polyethylene 800 MPa, which is 10 times higher than conventional polyethylene high density (HDPE), and higher than the aluminum alloys used in the aerospace industry. At last it is 500 MPa. However, in contrast to the aluminum density of this polyethylene was three times less than that of aluminium.

The new material can be used to replace or strengthen various types of glass.


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