Wind power station, systems, installation

Wind power station, wind turbines.



Wind power station, system, installation for electricity production – an alternative clean energy source.




Which is better?



Part of a wind power station typically includes:

wind turbine (windmill),




rechargeable batteries.

Wind power station can be equipped with several components such as wind turbines.



– wind power station – an alternative clean energy source

full maintenance of own needs of energy, including thermal (heating hot water),

the ability to increase as necessary components of wind turbines (wind turbines). The cost of a wind power plant does not grow directly in proportion to the addition of components

modular principle. A wide choice of domestic wind turbines from 1 KW to 10 KW and more. Power line industrial wind turbines today extends from 100 KW to 5,000 KW of unit capacity. At any time you can buy and include additional required module

– wind power station operate on the principle of plug and forget, and shake the electricity

the ability to store electrical energy for subsequent use in the absence of wind and for peak loads in the network,

low cost compared to the cost of “technical connection” and connection to existing electric networks.

Note: the grid company charge for “technical connection” to their networks. However, the connection works (construction of power lines, poles, wiring, etc.) are paid separately, their cost is substantial and exceeds the cost of a wind installation. A separate and very significant additional cost item is the construction of an electric substation. The last problem will arise sooner or later with the increasing number of consumers are powered from the same power line,

full solution to the problem of electricity supply away from power lines (over 0.5 km),

wind turbines give you the opportunity to sell excess electrical energy for the grid company and third-party organizations and individuals

independence from shortages of energy, from the voltage drop, amperage, and the need to build additional expensive power substation,

wind power station low noise,

– possibility of baseless installation method (without concrete), even on “weak” grounds, as well as on the structure of any configuration,

wind power station can be mounted in very limited space vertically is done without laying the mast on the ground,

– include a protection system against strong wind, security system, battery and electronic equipment from lightning strikes, rain,etc.

work in light winds,

reimbursement of the initial cost of buying the wind power plant due to the “free electricity”,

have a high efficiency.


Which is better?

The determining factor in the decision is the question of cost and time:

the cost and timing of technological connection and of connection to existing electric networks. From power grid companies, this cost is very substantial, the terms are more than 6 months. (approval, execution of works, etc.).

the cost and timing of delivery and installation of the wind energy installation. The cost is significantly lower, the timing within 1 month.

the cost and timing of building additional capacity. Similarly to the above.