Gearless electric drive motor wheel

Energy-saving gearless motor.



Gearless electric drive (motor wheel) is a unit that combines the wheel and built-in to it traction motor, power transmission and braking system.

The technology is awaiting funding!







Gearless electric drive (motor wheel) is a unit that combines the wheel and built-in to it a traction motor, drive train and brake system. Thus, each motor-wheel has an individual drive.

Currently in Russia gearless electric drive represented by a motor-wheel Duyunova and a motor-wheel Shkondina.



– energy saving – 5÷15% (for hybrids – reduced vehicle fuel consumption and emissions),

– high efficiency (>94% in the engine, >90% of the total) within the operating range of speeds and capacities (points),

– efficient solution of systems ABS, ESP, EBD,

– improving the quality (smoothness) control, including max torque at zero speed,

– max point in the volume of the wheel disc min the increase in the unsprung mass,

– improving the safety of the vehicle in the consequence efficient (CPU) handling each wheel,

– efficient layout, especially for all-wheel drive and low floor buses

the exception, of the most frequently occurring breakdowns of the equipment (in gearboxes)

– increase power performance of direct-drive actuator by integrating the motor wheels in one design,

– the reduced mass of the motor wheels due to the use of new materials,

– 2–fold superiority on the ratio of time/weight.



– railway equipment (locomotives, electric locomotives, wagons, track machines) based on the energy of SK,

– equipment (replacement of hydro–pneumatic actuators for electrical, placement on the landing gear),

– elevators, quinoa, conveyors, pumps, drilling structures,etc.

– any motorized transport.