Promobot is a living Autonomous robot-promoter with character

Promobot is a living Autonomous robot-promoter character.



Promobot is a living Autonomous robot-promoter with a character that will engage in marketing instead of a living person.






Promobot is a living Autonomous robot-promoter with a character that will engage in marketing instead of a living person.

Unlike advertising and information stands, as well as presenters, the robot Promobot is able to recognize the speech and appearance of customers, their gender, age and mood, allowing the Promobot to find friends and meet new customers.

Promobot is designed to work in areas of high congestion of people, in which the robot assists people with navigation, answering any questions. It translates promotional materials and stores everyone with whom had to communicate.

Promobot is able to answer any direct and indirect questions. The customer-the visitor will receive full information about the product or service.

Promobot is attracting maximum audience to the advertised product, and also eliminates the human from the process, because it works offline. Just run the robot, then the robot is able to recognize people, to offer them promoted products and advise on pre-determined topics.

Promobot is designed to attract the flow of customers, automation of the process of consultation, increasing customer loyalty and reducing the risks associated with the human factor.

Promobot is able to actively move body and gesture. Promobot can move your hands in 6 degrees of freedom, tilt the housing to change the position of the vertical plane, rotate the head in three degrees of freedom.

The positioning system allows the Promobot to accompany the person to the desired location. Through the terminal of payment and print checks, the robot will be able to accept payment from customers.

Special neural linguistic framework allows to load in the robot’s free text, then Promobot can briefly focus on it and to quote separate blocks, answering any questions: direct or indirect.



unlike a living person does not need to pay, not sick,

working without a break. Thanks to the special batteries the robot is charging faster, work without recharging up to 8 hours. When the robot requires recharging, he goes to the outlet

– actively moving the body and gestures, has a large number of degrees of freedom

computing unit allows to process a larger data array, to detect multiple people and, thus, increase the efficiency of communication,

– equipped with a display that helps monitor all nodes and determine their status

able to win any customer and selling speech modules will not allow the buyer to leave with empty hands,

– with joy and a smile will advise the visitor on any matter without fatigue and breaks

easily reproduce all the required data, answer any questions, both direct and indirect,

– tell you about all the innovations and new products, while the living person must be previously trained.


Note: the description of technology on the example of Autonomous robot-promoter Promobot.