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Flax insulation (linen boards) – environmentally friendly insulation made from flax.



Flax insulation and sound insulation Ecotain is a unique brand of environmentally friendly insulation and sound insulation material from flax.






Compare flax insulation with other types of insulation

The acoustic test results linen plates Ecotain



Flax insulation and sound insulation Ecotain is a unique brand of environmentally friendly insulation and sound insulation material from flax.

Composition: 100 % linen (flax fiber short). As a binder used starch; for the fire-biosecurity – borax (salt, boron). Borax or salt of boron – transparent white or grayish crystals, soluble in water. It is a natural mineral that is deposited along the edges of salt lakes.

Boron compounds in the form of salts is a flame retardant, i.e. they provide protection against fire and significantly increases the fire resistance of materials. The effect is due to the fact that with increasing temperature the boron compounds free water included in the chemical formula, and long resist the action of fire. Thus the heater does not emit toxic gases.

At the same time borax is an antiseptic, which provides additional protection of materials against the formation of fungus, rot and mold. In particular, it allows in some cases to allow installation of insulation without a vapour barrier.

Flax insulation has a very low coefficient of thermal conductivity. It means that this modern material for insulation provides maximum protection from frost and strong heat.

In plates Acetamin long thin fibres of flax are intertwined with each other and create a uniform open structure. Due to this Ecoteplo has a high sound-absorbing characteristics.



– flax insulation is a breathable material that provides a natural problem and a comfortable indoor climate. Because of this, the room is maintained at the optimal level of humidity. Does not collect the condensate, passes the vapour and helps to release moisture from construction,

light weight minimizes the load on the partitions of the room,

– it also provides and easy installation. All work on the installation for insulation of houses, apartments, attic or roofing, may be held at any time and without the use of personal protective equipment (clothing, mask, gloves). Mounting flax insulation usually does not cause difficulties. Due to the elasticity, firmness and special sizes material is easily installed to the structure with a mount or without

does not contain toxic additives, 100% environmental friendliness. Safe for health, used even where hygiene requirements are particularly high,

– flax insulation is not “dusty”,

does not rot, develop mold and mildew, and the flax is an excellent natural antiseptic. This means that to warm Ekatepina even those premises where there are people with strong allergies or asthma

is used as effective light absorbing layer in the sound insulation construction of walls, partitions and ceilings,

service life of over 60 years. Retains performance properties throughout the life of the structure,

– flax insulation does not settle,

refers to the materials Flammability group G1 (does not support combustion),

– 3D effect: body insulation boards tight to the elements and each other in all 3 directions: for width, length and thickness, eliminating the “cold bridges” and keeping heat in the walls,

low cost.



Flax insulation may be used in low-rise construction and for insulation and soundproofing of the apartments.

Material used in residential, public, production buildings and constructions, public catering establishments, nurseries, medical and recreational facilities.

Ideal for internal insulation and sound insulation of the house.

Used for heat insulation and sound insulation of walls, roofs, attics, floors, ceilings, floor slabs, interior partitions.

Flax insulation is great for soundproofing in a panel house, which often noises pretty tight. In parallel, it can be used for additional insulation of the apartment from the inside.



Features: Value:
The thermal conductivity coefficient, W/m2*K 0,037
The sound absorption coefficient 0,74 – 0,98
Specific heat, j/kg K 1 550
Density, kg/m3 32 – 34
The coefficient of permeability, mg/m h PA 0,4
Combustibility group G1 (does not support combustion)
Application temperature, °C 160
Service life, years and more 60
Sound insulation, DB
thickness 100 mm 20,1
thickness 50 mm 11,38


Compare flax insulation with other types of insulation:

The figure below shows the comparison of thickness of different materials required to ensure the same level of thermal protection, depending on the coefficient of thermal conductivity λ:

Aktalin – 5 cm (λ=0,039)
Tube – 7 cm (λ=0,05)
Wood – 16.2 cm (λ=0,2)
The foam 38 cm (λ=0,4)
Concrete – 47,6 cm (λ=0,7)
Brick – 54.5 cm (λ=0,81)
Concrete – 222,7 cm (λ=1,5)



The acoustic test results linen plates Ecotain:

Frequency, HZ 800 1000 1250 1600 2000 2500 3200 4000 5000
The sound absorption coefficient
(thickness 100 mm)
0,97 0,94 0,89 0,92 0,89 0,85 0,82 0,81 0,8
The sound absorption coefficient
(thickness 50 mm)
0,97 0,95 0,95 0,90 0,88 0,85 0,83 0,82 0,79


Frequency, HZ 100 125 160 200 250 320 400 500 600
The sound absorption coefficient
(thickness 100 mm)
0,19 0,24 0,38 0,51 0,62 0,74 0,93 0,95 0,98
The sound absorption coefficient
(thickness 50 mm)
0,14 0,18 0,20 0,33 0,41 0,63 0,88 0,96 0,98

The main characteristic of sound – proof materials and structures-sound insulation index (Rw), which is expressed in decibels. Through the wall of the house could not hear human speech, the sound insulation index must be above 50 DB. Effective sound insulation has a structure having a high index of sound insulation. Design is not an insulation or a hollow wall, is the alternation of sound-absorbing soft (insulation /filler) and sound-reflecting hard (e.g. drywall) layers.

Another characteristic is the sound absorption coefficient varies from 0 to 1. The closer the coefficient is to 1, the above sound-proof properties of the material.


Note: the description of technology in example Flaxseed heat insulation and sound insulation Aktalin.