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Femtosecond laser, smoothly changing the wavelength.



Femtosecond laser is a laser of ultrashort (few-cycle) pulses, the emitting pulse duration from a few femtoseconds to hundreds of femtoseconds.



Femtosecond laser is a laser of ultrashort (few-cycle) pulses (UKI, PKI) emitting the pulse with duration of several femtoseconds (1 femtosecond = 10-15 seconds) to hundreds of femtoseconds. It belongs to the category of ultrafast lasers.

Usually lasers emit radiation in a narrow spectral band, rigidly specified properties of the medium. This circumstance applies to femtosecond lasers.

Created by a femtosecond laser, is able to smoothly restructure the wavelength of their radiation in the whole visible range. This laser will differ in their efficiency. In order to rebuild the wavelength used specially shaped photon-crystalline fiberthrough which radiation is passed.


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