Distilled water requirements

Distilled water, application and requirements:



Distilled water is purified water by distillation from the various impurities: mineral salts, organic substances and others.


Distilled water

Ppplication of distilled water

Requirements of distellaanOh watere


Distilled water:

Distillation – distillation, vaporization of the liquid followed by cooling and condensation of vapor.

Distinguish distillation with vapor condensation in liquid (in which the distillate obtained has the average composition due to mixing) and distillation with steam condensation in the solid phase (in which the condensation occurs the distribution of the concentration of the components).

In distilled water the dissolved gases of the atmosphere: oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide gas and a minor amount of others. Due to dissolved carbon dioxide distilled water has a slightly acidic medium and its pH is 5.4 and 6.6. To obtain a completely neutral water it is boiled to remove carbon dioxide (within 30 minutes) and store in an airtight container.

Distilled water has the peculiarity of being very clean in the absence of extraneous mechanical inclusions can be overheated above the boiling point, or supercooled below the freezing point without the implementation of the phase transition. The phase transition occurs intensively with the introduction of mechanical impurities or agitation.

Bidistilled water is double purified water, which pholocaut distillation of distilled water in a quartz apparatus – the redistiller. For properties similar to chemically pure water. Due to the high degree of purification during storage and use must take special precautions to avoid contamination with bidistilled water. Used when working with substances of high purity.


Ppplication of distilled water:

Distilled water is used for:

– the preparation of solutions in chemical laboratories, analysis of chemical and rinsing dishes after washing;

– adjust the density of the electrolyte;

– safe operation of the batteries;

– flushing cooling system;

– dilution of concentrates with different liquids;

– add in steam irons (completely exclude the emergence of scale);

– adjust the freezing point antifreezing fluids, windshield washing fluid;

– color printing.


Requirements of distellaanOh watere:

Nand the basis of GOST 6709-72 distilled Water, pof the physico-chemical parameters of distilled water shall conform to the requirements and norms indicated in the table:

Name of the indicator

The norm

1. Mass concentration of residue after evaporation, mg/DM, not more


2. Mass concentration of ammonia and ammonium salts (NH), mg/DM, not more


3. Mass concentration of nitrates (NO), mg/DM, not more


4. Mass concentration of sulfate (SO), mg/DM, not more


5. Mass concentration of chlorides (CL), mg/DM, not more


6. Mass concentration of aluminum (Al), mg/DM, not more


7. Mass concentration of iron (Fe), mg/DM, not more


8. Mass concentration of calcium (CA), mg/DM, not more


9. Mass concentration of copper (si), mg/DM, not more


10. Mass concentration of lead (Pb), mg/DM, not more


11. Mass concentration of zinc (Zn), mg/DM, not more


12. Mass concentration of substances, reducing KMPO(O), mg/DM, not more


13. the pH of the water


14. Electrical conductivity at 20 °C, Cm/m, not more



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