Cryogenic steels and alloys

Cryogenic steels and alloys.



Cryogenic steels and alloys intended for receipt, transport and storage of liquefied gases having low boiling temperature (below the boiling point of oxygen is -182 OS).


Cryogenic steels and alloys:

Under cryogenic steels and alloys involve metal materials for machinery and equipment for production, transportation and storage of liquefied gases and, therefore, exploited to the boiling points of: oxygen (-182 ° C), nitrogen (-196 ° C), neon (-247 ° C), hydrogen (-253 ° C) and helium (-269 oC) and liquefied hydrocarbons (methane, butane, etc.) the boiling point of which lie in the range from -80 C to -180 OS.

Cryogenic steels and alloys are characterized by high mechanical strength at low temperatures, the low threshold of cold brittleness (i.e., high resistance to brittle fracture at low temperatures) and high corrosion resistance. As the cryogenic Nickel steels are used low carbon steel and steel of austenitic class, reluctant to brittleness.

To cryogenic steels include steel grades 12X18H10T, 08KH18N10T, 07KH21G7AN5, 03Х20Н16АГ6, 10KH14G14N4T and 03Х13АГ19, and the recently established steel brand 0Н9.


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