Cold plasma

The cold plasma.



Cold plasma is a partially ionized gas (fraction of charged particles in the gas is about 1%) with a temperature of several tens of degrees (30-40 °C), which destroys pathogenic microorganisms, bacteria, impurities and dangerous contaminants in water, air and on different surfaces.


The cold plasma. Treatment by cold plasma

Properties and advantages of cold plasma


The cold plasma. Treatment by cold plasma:

Cold plasma is a partially ionized gas (fraction of charged particles in the gas is about 1%) with a temperature of several tens of degrees (30-40 °C). Cold plasma consists of charged (ions and electrons) and neutral (molecules and atoms) particles. Cold plasma is one of plasma, along with hot plasma.

Plasma is a fourth state of matter. First it was discovered by W. Crookes in 1879, In fact plasma is an ionized gas. In plasma atomic bonds break and positive ions together with electrons form a uniform gaseous mixture. In turn the hot plasma is a fully ionized gas with a temperature of several thousand degrees.

Cold plasma has a strong bactericidal effect on microorganisms.

Cold plasma can be used in medicine to disinfect wounds of humans and animals, purification of water and obtaining potable water in processing food products, disinfection of premises, agriculture for production and processing of seeds.


Features and benefits cold plasma:

– destroys all pathogenic microorganisms, germs, fungus, etc on a variety of surfaces, including the surface of the skin and wounds of humans and animals

purify the water from pathogenic microorganisms and various chemical contaminants (including iron). All contaminants (metals and other compounds) are oxidized to neutral salts,

– sterilizes food and food raw material from pathogens without heat treatment, that is, with preservation of all useful properties of the product, which leads to a significant increase in the shelf life of food products,

safely and effectively destroys pathogenic microorganisms in the room without the use of ultraviolet radiation and dangerous chemicals. Installation of generating cold plasma creates a mist with a content of active forms of oxygen, which destroys (oxidizes) are not only pathogenic microorganisms, but also neutralize chemical warfare agents

– destroying diseases and pests in the preparation and processing of seeds

in the processing of various substances (for example, a weak solution of hydrogen peroxide) multiplies their disinfectant and germicidal properties

– gives the possibility to sterilize heat sensitive materials without destroying them,

– removes from air dust, cigarette smoke, etc. the output is the clean air, devoid of any contaminants, impurities, bacteria, viruses, etc.