The electrolyte on the basis of glass powder

Electrolyte based on a glass powder.



With the glass electrolyte Li-ion battery has a high volumetric energy density, fast charging speed and discharge and longer service life.


The electrolyte on the basis of glass powder



The electrolyte on the basis of glass powder:

Developed electrolyte based on a glass powder, whose capacity is three times higher than that of the conventional electrolytes used in lithium-ion batteries. With time in the operation process, the capacity of the electrolyte increases.

The glass electrolyte is a ferroelectric material, the polarization of which varies with the presence of an external electric field. Due to this property, the glass electrolyte as magnelectric capable of withstanding not less than 23 thousands of cycles of charge-discharge.

Compared to traditional electrolyte glass electrolyte much easier it is fireproof and non-flammable, and therefore the design of the lithium-ion battery can be lightweight, since it does not require sealing of the individual elements of the battery and a temperature control system. With the glass electrolyte batteries become completely solid, they are versatile, have high volumetric density of energy, fast speed charge and discharge and a longer life.

In addition, the use of the glass electrolyte in the battery allows you to replace lithium cheap sodium, which is extracted from sea water and the technology of extraction which are widely available. Battery with glass electrolyte operate at low temperatures down to -60 degrees Celsius, while the lithium-ion batteries with conventional electrolyte does not withstand temperature below minus 20 ° C., lose their properties and run out quickly.

The glass electrolyte is also devoid of the drawbacks of conventional electrolytic tendency of the latter to the formation of a short circuit.


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