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Thermal underwear heated and silver for frost to 50 degrees.



Thermal underwear for winter, with Sampdoria due to the sewn in silver-plated wire and special power source makes it comfortable is the cold up to – 50 degrees Celsius.



The benefits of using silver in underwear

The advantages of thermal underwear in General




Underwear – functional underwear that retains heat and wicks away the moisture from the body.

The distinctive features of the underwear include to its low weight and volume. The fabric has a different density, as different parts of the body have different sweating.

Underwear can be of the following types: thermal socks, termonology, termopechati, termoline, thermosafe etc.

High-strength stretch fabric is heated using stitched through it fine silvered wire, which, in turn, is heated by a special power source. Underwear with the use of nanotechnology, stitched with silver-plated wire, ensures finding comfortable even with temperatures down to – 50 degrees Celsius.

The benefits of using silver in underwear:

silver ions can inhibit the enzyme that allows oxygen and the metabolism of simple organisms, leading to the exclusion of harmful microbes;

forms of bacteria resistant to antibiotics and quickly become addicted to medical drugs, not used to the silver.

– silver ions are able to constantly fight viruses, they heal wounds and is effective in treating various dermatitis.


The advantages of thermal underwear in General:

– remains dry and the body is not wet;

exception of the appearance of unpleasant smells;

– has a very thin layer, and can replace several layers of warm clothes;

is light and almost not noticeable on the body;

– able to wear for a long time, as the skin remains dry (good for hikes);

thermal underwear seamless. Tight to the body and follows its contours, limit movements;

– high strength and wear resistance.



for sports in the cold;

for long trips;

for simple Jogging in cold weather.