Polymer coating of ships, vnutribruchinnogo equipment, etc.

Polymer coating of ships, vnutribruchinnogo equipment, oil pipes, etc.



Polymer coating ARGAF a wide range of applications: corrosion protection of steel structures, underwater and above-water parts of ships and vessels of unlimited area of navigation, oil tanks and reservoirs water treatment, other metal, wood, concrete products, equipment, etc.







Polymer coating ARGOT with increased resistance to aggressive environments and ultraviolet radiation broad range of applications.



– the versatility of the coating (metal, concrete, wood),

reduced the requirements for surface preparation and conditions for painting, the possibility of applying on corroded surface. The degree of preparation of ZT.3 at 13О 8501-1:1998, application temperature range from -10 to +35°C,

– ease of application – brush, roller, airless and pneumatic spraying, dipping, pouring,

high temperature resistance (operating temperatures in the range from -60 to +180°C, peak temperature up to +260°C),

– guaranteed to last up to 15 years in a marine environment,

complete inertness to the action of petroleum products,

– insulation class H,

resistance to many chemically aggressive media (solutions of acids and alkalis, sour gas, salt fog, potassium salts medium, sea water,etc.)

– adhesion to various materials at 1 points

pull-out test at 18O 4624 – at least 12 MPa,

– resistance to radiation and to repeated decontamination and disinfection

high hydrophobic (does not absorb water)

– high abrasive and wear resistance,


– high coverage,

combustibility group P – according to GOST 30244-94,

– smooth coating surface, low coating adhesion to the contact materials

high elasticity. When testing samples of pipes with polymeric coating ARGOT flattened by 7-8% of the inner diameter. Violations coating did not happen,

– absence of deposits on the treated surface, including inner surfaces vnutribruchinnogo equipment (oil pipes ,etc.)

resistance to ultraviolet radiation,

– significantly improves the physical and mechanical properties of concrete (especially water absorption and water resistance).



corrosion protection of steel structures tooling, various structures, buildings,

protection against corrosion of underwater parts, decks, freeboard and surface designs for the vessels of unrestricted navigation area,

anticorrosive protection of internal surfaces of tanks for the carriage of jet fuel RT-1,etc.

corrosion protection of oil tanks and reservoirs water treatment,

protective coating in aggressive environments, such as a 10% solution of sodium chloride, 10-20% solution of sodium hydroxide, 25% hydrochloric acid solution,

protective coating for metal, concrete and reinforced concrete on road construction sites,

protective coating for exterior concrete surfaces of the containers for solid and solidified radioactive waste

protection of other metal, wood, concrete products, equipment, etc.


Note: the description of technology in example, the polymer coating ARGOT.