Modifier concrete strength

Modifier strength concrete.



Modifier strength concrete additive based on carbon nanomaterials, is designed to increase the strength of concrete: compression – up to 45%, bending up to 28%.


Modifier concrete strength

Properties and advantages of the modifier on strength of concrete


Modifier concrete strength:

Concrete is an artificial stone building material obtained by molding and curing rationally selected and compacted mixture of binder (e.g., Portland cement), a variety of large and small aggregates, water. In some cases, in the concrete added special additives to impart special properties or enhance the basic characteristics (especially strength), referred to as plasticizers or modifiers.

Modifier of concrete strength is an additive meant to increase concrete strength.

Strength of concrete is the technical characteristic that determines its ability to resist mechanical and chemical stress. This technical specification specifies the properties and performance of concrete constructions, buildings and structures. Determine the strength of concrete in compression, tensile and shear.

The active substance modifier of the strength of concrete is carbon nanomaterials (primarily carbon nanotubes). The modifier is a liquid, which is dissolved in the carbon nanomaterial and which gives him (modifier) black color.

Modifier concrete strength is added directly in the preparation of the concrete mix by adding it to water. The modifier is ready to use and does not require any additional manipulations with it.

The modifier can be used in all types of concretes based on Portland cement.

Recommended concentration of modifier in the formulation of concrete – 0,5%. Recommended concentration of nanoparticles is 0.005% by weight of cement.


Properties and advantages of the modifier on strength of concrete:

– when added to a concrete modifier, concrete strength allows to increase the strength of concrete in compression to 45%

when added to concrete increases strength of concrete in bending up to 28%,

– when added to concrete increases frost resistance of concrete up to 39%,

gives you the opportunity to save on Portland cement while maintaining strength characteristics,

– increases the mobility of concrete,

reduces the need to add in the concrete plasticizers and other modifiers

– when added to concrete, the latter becomes nanoconcrete.


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