The ultrabetona – production technology by gravity caking his hands monuments reviews video

Technology ultrabetona allows to obtain products at compressive strength M600-M1200 and higher.



Technology ultrabetona allows to obtain products at compressive strength M600-M1200 and more, as well as products with imitation of natural stones with a complex natural pattern.






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Technology ultrabetona based on a fundamentally new solutions in the field of architectural concrete method of gravitational katusealune – it allows to obtain a product with outstanding physical-mechanical indicators. The casting surface has a high gloss and perfect density.

The principle of this technology is that the concrete mixture based on Portland cement, is a tightly compressed pellets of spherical shape, whose diameter usually varies from 2 to 5 centimeters.

Ultrabetona pellets formed in the drum of a modified gravitational mixer. Balling of the concrete mixture in a gravity mixer allows to obtain pellets of high density with complete exclusion of air from the mixture. When polerowanie (touch) the Mature pellet like a hard rubber.

Fundamentally the pellet is a ball consisting of a dense conglomerate of construction sand and granules of different fractions of granite (or similar material) dropout, linked together by Portland cement. In the center of this spherical education is a core consisting of one or more large grains (4-5mm) dropouts.

Regardless of size and area of the molded item, it is possible to obtain the color gamut of different complexity, thereby mimicking the surface of any artificial or natural material, from plastics to a complex pattern of malachite.

Technology ultrabetona allows to obtain products that has a high physical-mechanical properties, combining high performance strength properties of (classes of compressive strength from 40 and above to 90, which corresponds to the brands strength M600-M1200 and more) and rate of hardening (strength age days natural hardening at least 25-30 MPa) with the required properties of building and technical properties.



– high physical-mechanical characteristics.

high resistance to chloride penetration;

– high resistance to chloride penetration;

reduction of mechanical losses of the concrete and increase the loading speed by loading in the concrete mortar, as in the known method, and concrete pellets;

– reducing the cost of coloring. Used as the colorant lightfast iron oxide and phthalocyanine pigments are consumed in two to three times less in comparison with the accepted standards;

– the imitation of natural stones with a complex natural pattern. Each ball is painted ultrabetona unique in its own way.

a large variety of colors and “drawings” on the front of products (easy to achieve simulation of the surface of polished marble);

– high quality, smooth surface and bright coloration of the front part;

the exclusion of putty;

– reducing the cost of materials (cement) and the time to produce with relatively simple equipment.



for the manufacture of fences, paving, stone cladding and tile, fireplace portals, monuments etc.



Features: Unit of measure: According to the requirements
GOST 17608-91:
Actually received as:
Class (grade) of concrete products for compression strength B22,5-B30(300-400) min B35(M450)
Mark of concrete on frost resistance F200 F400, not less
Water absorption % 5 not more than 1.5%
Abrasion g/cm2 0,5-0,7 not more than 0.2
The deviation of the geometric parameters:length, width, thickness mm ±5 ±0,5
Water / cement ratio (W/C) 0,40÷66 0,18
Category of the front surface A6 A0


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