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An electric skateboard how to choose for adult or child, for the city or the countryside.



An electric skateboard is selected depending on the conditions of use and desired characteristics, which can be a reserve power, load capacity and others.

An electric skateboard or electric scooter is eco-friendly and economical means of transportation at different distances, which structurally is a classic scooter with electric motor. View of the hotel Sommer defines, what purpose it will mostly be used for trips on the nature, the city, or universal.

The electric scooter can be considered to ensure the quality of logistics as a working and/or in-plant operational transport.


What is an electric skateboard the best?

How does an electric skateboard – working principle

Device electric skateboard

Types of Segways

The cruising range of electric skateboard

How to charge the battery electric skateboard?

The manual of electric skateboard


What is an electric skateboard the best?

Before purchasing this vehicle, you need to define the purpose of its use. When choosing a model should pay attention to:


– battery capacity;

– weight;

– load capacity;

– the diameter of the wheels;

– other important parameters of the electric skateboard.

If the electric scooter is chosen to travel around the city to work or any other a certain distance, then the best fit light model with an average reserve, with the headlights and Parking lights. For an indefinite distance is selected greater range.

For rural areas, suitable transportation with a more sturdy frame and pneumatic wheels. To ensure comfort on long journeys will allow three-wheeled Segways with seat and large capacity battery.


How does an electric skateboard – working principle:

Working principle electric scooter is its driving force. If an ordinary scooter into motion leading man due to the muscle power, the electric skateboard is responsible for this motor, which is driven by power from the battery.

For the increase or decrease in speed in this case corresponds to the position of the throttle, which is a signal to the controller, and it sets the mode for operation of the motor. The controller also receives signals from the gyroscope and other sensors.


Device electric skateboard:

– sturdy metal frame. It is able to withstand the weight of an adult human and various loads that can occur while driving on bumpy roads and at a relatively long distance;

– extended deck (platform), which creates optimal conditions for a static position of the user during movement;

– the steering wheel, which levers are gas and brake;

the batterysupplying electric power to the motor. The battery determines the maximum distance available to overcome electric scooter without recharging;

– wheels, which may be of different diameters, cast, pneumatic and perforated.


Types of Segways, how to choose:

Based on the classification of electric scooters can take parameters such as: age, number of wheels, drive, and more.

Age Segways are divided into children and adults.

The main difference between children’s Segways from adults is the limited power of the engine, low speed, which improves the safety of movement (check this when buying), and weight of the child himself could transport medium. Models for adults are more powerful, reinforced frame and a more capacious battery to provide a powerful motor and overcome the relatively long distances, for example, to work.

The number of wheels Segways are divided into two-wheeled and three-wheeled. Two-wheel models have a smaller mass and compact size. Three-wheeled models are available with two rear or two front wheels. They are more stable, can have a better grip and can be more powerful if both wheels attached drive.

The drive Segways are classified into the motor-wheel and chain.

The type of actuator depends on the feature of the device and exploitation of electric scooter.

Electric scooter with motor wheel assumes the location of the motor in one/two wheels of the vehicle. In this case the torque is transmitted directly to the wheel.

Chain torque of the motor is transmitted to the wheel through a chain. A similar scheme is used in the Bicycle or moped.


The cruising range of electric skateboard:

The term “reserve” means the mileage (in kilometers) the electric scooter with one full battery charge (and the duration of transport without power supply).

The battery life of the electric scooter is affected by the temperature of the surrounding space. In the cold the battery will discharge faster than in the summer.


How to charge the battery electric skateboard?

Before connecting the device to your network, we recommend that you carefully read the user manual. In General, you need to:

– check the power socket, the charging power supply for the absence of traces of moisture;

– connect regular charger to the network and wait for including a control indicator;

– to connect the plug to the connector on the housing of the electric scooter.

Time to fully charge a battery depending on model can be up to 8 hours. In this connection should not make an electric skateboard to recharge for the night.

To store battery is recommended at a temperature of 15 – 20°C. In case of suspension of use of electric scooter, you must charge the battery and ensure that battery was not discharged completely and every 2 – 3 months to recharge it.


The manual of electric skateboard:

Store the vehicle in a safe dry place with a charged battery.

Do not leave an electric skateboard in the sun to not overheat.

Before driving you need to ensure the health of all parts of transport. And it is especially important to check the brake system, rotate the steering column to turn smoothly, check the wheels and the tire pressure. To test the motor to be smoothly gain and lose momentum.

Before the trip to wear protective gear.

When traveling not to use shoes with smooth soles. Need shoes that will provide a stable position on the platform of the scooter.


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