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Desktop 3d printer for education and production with reliable ceramic heaters and their replacement.



Desktop 3d printer for education and industry with reliable heaters with high efficiency. Perfect for novice users.


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Specifications Prizma octane

Specifications Приzма Hoop



Products are presented the following types:

– Prizma Octane,

– Приzма Hoop – 3D printer for education.

Desktop 3d printer Prizma octane – one of the first domestic 3D printers. Comes ready assembled complete with software for printing. Fairly easy to maintain and work perfectly copes with the task of printing. For printing on Prizma octane used ABS and PLA plastic.

Desktop 3d printer Приzма Wrap includes a built-in trip computer on which you installed the program control Приzма. Suitable for beginners and has cheap consumables with the price of printed products – from units to tens of rubles. Приzма Hoop easier than Prizma octane.



– suitable for beginners

– optimal education system,

– used robust ceramic heaters having high efficiency and fast warm-up table,

– significantly reduces the cost of maintenance of the printer, due to the heaters, installed in such a way that they can be a partial replacement,

– desktop 3d printer has side and front panel made of acrylic glass,

– a convenient and simple software Приzма,

– durable space frame at the base of an aluminium alloy

– industrial travel system on coordinate axes with multiple safety margin, a life which substantially exceeds the term “moral” obsolescence of the product,

– desktop 3d printer has a reliable electronic control system,

– eliminated most of the problems characteristic of 3D printing FDM technology,

samovosproizvoditsja, contains in the package the library

– providing a standalone printing without a PC connection

– print formats created by CAD, without prior transformation,

– graphical 3D–display of the printing process on the embedded screen.


Specifications Prizma octane:

Features: Value:
The print area, mm 200х200х150
Print speed, gr./hour in the “Standard” 15
Used kinds of plastic ABS, PLA
Country of origin Russia
Food In 220
Consumed power, W 350
Printer dimensions, mm 460х460х510
The weight of the printer, kg 11,5


Specifications Приzма Wrap:

Features: Value:
The print area, mm 170x170x160
The number of printheads 1
Print speed, gr./hour 15
Interfaces USB
Display Built-in onboard computer with control program “Приzма”
Used kinds of plastic ABS, PLA, nylon
Country of origin Russia
Food In 220
Printer dimensions, mm 460х460х525
The weight of the printer, kg 12,6



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Note: the description of technology on the example of Prizma octane, Приzма Hoop.