The demultiplexer with a spectral separation of channels

The demultiplexer with a spectral separation of channels.




Traditionally, the demultiplexer is a devicethat allows you to connect to a single input single signal source and to divide it into several identical signals at its outputs.

The demultiplexer is designed, which is able to separate (filter) the signals at different wavelengths and transmitted from one source over a hundred signals that order of magnitude (ten times) surpasses all existing analogues. At the same time, the number of split signals in no way affects their quality. The divided signals are sent to consumers in high resolution.

In the configuration of the device contains a lens and, depending on the applied technology and demultiplexing (CWDM or DWDM), a dispersing element or a group of dispersive elements.

Demultiplexers are used in telecommunication systems, including in the sphere of television and radio broadcasting, personal communications, computer networks and digital electronics.


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