Scanning probe microscope FemtoScan multifunction

Multifunctional scanning probe microscope FemtoScan with the office via the Internet.



Multifunctional scanning probe microscope FemtoScan with full control via the Internet is a high-precision measuring equipment for research in micro – and nanometer scale.








Multifunctional scanning probe microscope FemtoScan with full control via the Internet is a high-precision measuring equipment for research in micro – and nanometer scale.

In this microscope is realized more than 50 different modes of scanning probe microscopy, including:

contact atomic force microscopy,

resonance atomic force microscopy,

scanning frictional microscopy,

scanning resistive microscopy,

scanning tunneling microscopy,

tunneling spectroscopy,

skaniruesh resistive microscopy,

electrostatic microscopy,

magnetic force microscopy,

power mapping of the surface,


Scanning probe microscope FemtoScan also provides:

optical microscopy with data transmission via the Internet

measurements in air and in liquid,

adjustable heating temperature of the sample.

With the FemtoScan microscope, it became possible to obtain multiple images with resolution up to 4096х4096 and record speed (up to 8 seconds for 1 frame)! Through the use of modern CPU FPGA is achieved by simultaneous processing of independent channels of feedback at the frequency of 100 KHz. This allows you to get multiple images in standard resolution of 512 × 512 with a maximum of 220 in a record-low time: just 8 seconds!

For controlling the microscope developed cross-platform software for operating systems Windows, Linux and MacOS. Also for image processing it is possible to use well-proven FOR FemtoScan Online.



– maximum functionality. The device combines compact size, powerful software, enables remote access via the Internet with an open architecture, which gives special opportunities for research to optimize the microscope to any, the most accurate experiment

first – class electronics. FemtoScan comes with its own controller, is based on a 16-bit microchips, which have the lowest noise. The electronics of the microscope made it possible to implement 50 methods of scanning probe microscopy. On this device it is possible to carry out research in various fields: chemistry, physics, biology, medicine, nanotechnology,etc.

– ease of scanning. With FemtoScan you can see not only the objects of submicron size, and to atomic or molecular resolution on the surface of the crystals and films. The microscope allows to repeatedly scan the same region of the sample surface with different magnification, which gives the opportunity to study the structure of the surface with accuracy to the smallest detail.



– FemtoScan Cryo for research at very low temperatures. Scanning probe microscope FemtoScan Cryo is to study the morphology of the surface and the local properties of samples with ultra-high resolution in the temperature range 4,2–300 K,

– FemtoScan Inlayt for combined studies using AFM and interference microscopy. Interference microscope “FemtoScan Inlayt” is used to accurately measure the topography of reflective objects can be used to monitor the flatness of dynamically changing surfaces (e.g., faces of a growing crystal), measurement of the film thickness (height of the projections formed by the edges of the film and the substrate). The principle of operation is based on the interference of rays reflected from the specimen surface with a reference luminous flux of the same intensity.



FemtoScan Online – a program designed for the analysis of microscopic images. It can be used for data analysis SPM, electron and optical microscopy and processing of images in standard graphic formats.


Note: the description of technology in example of a scanning probe microscope FemtoScan.