Protection of bearings antifriction material from dust, dirt water suspension

Protection of rolling bearings of all sizes antifriction material LISA.



Antifriction material LEASE is long-lasting and reliable protection of bearings from abrasive substances and aggressive media in the process of operation. It increases the durability of rolling bearings 7 times, increases the time between repairs of the equipment, reduce emergency and unscheduled stop.



A description of the problem




Antifriction material LEASE is long-lasting and reliable protection of bearings from abrasive substances and aggressive media in the process of operation.

Its protective functions antifriction material LISA is much more effective than bearings with protective washers and seals, as antifriction material, LISA plays the role of the labyrinth seal directly in the rolling bearing. A special feature of this design is that the bearing pre-lubrication is laid, and only then does the direct process of the protection (padding) of the bearing antifriction material LISA.

Each ball and the raceways of the bearing protected material, adjustable clearance between the shelves of the bearing (the inner surface of the rings, located on both sides of the treadmill) and the material is only 0.1-0.3 mm.

If necessary in the operation of the bearing with anti-friction material optionally, you can add (upload) a lubricant, while retaining the tightness of the bearing, which can be done on the standard bearings with protective washers.

The cage is a reinforcement for the material LEASE, therefore, the material rotates with it. During rotation of antifriction material occurs centrifugal force, which effectively prevents the penetration of foreign particles and substances into the cavity of the bearing.

The composition of the material LEASE includes carbon fillers (graphite, soot). Metallic surfaces in contact with carbon fillers, over time, have acquired valuable properties: carbon fills all the microscopic pores, creating a mirror smooth surface to which lubricants stick is 7-10 times better than ordinary metal surfaces.

Thus a bearing with antifriction LEASE to the same extent less susceptible to oil starvation, which naturally leads to a significant increase durability of the bearing unit.


Problem description:

Protection of bearings and the durability of the bearing units of equipment are one of the most important technical problems of engineering and various industries. Ball bearings are available with shields and seals, unfortunately, of limited size. Single-row radial ball bearings accounted for 80% of the total number of manufactured rolling bearings.

The main negative factor, dramatically reducing the service life of rolling bearings are abrasive substances. Practice found that 1% of the anthracite dust in the lubricant causes an increase of wear of parts of the gears 2-3 times, and the presence of 2% dust Sandstone — more than 30 times. To an even greater extent this applies to bearing assemblies. Thus, the equipment should be operated for one year out after 12 days.



– increase of durability of rolling bearings 7 times

protection of rolling bearings of all sizes,

– low cost

improving performance of production,

– the increase of overhaul life of equipment

reduce labor and repair costs to equipment

– reduction of emergency and unplanned stops,

reducing the consumption of rolling bearings and lubricants.


Note: the description of technology on the example of anti-friction material LISA.