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Extrusion line for the production of multilayer metal-polymer pipes, PPR-AL-PPR.



Extrusion line for production of pipes PPR-AL-PPR is designed for production of multi-layer (five-layer) metal pipes of new generation, which are based on aluminum pipe (tape), welded with ultrasound.



Advantages of pipes PPR-AL-PPR

Description of PPR-AL-PPR

Characteristics of pipes PPR-AL-PPR

Applications of PPR-AL-PPR



Extrusion line for production of pipes PPR-AL-PPR is designed for production of multi-layer (five-layer) metal pipes of new generation, which are based on aluminum pipe (tape), welded with ultrasound.

Extrusion lines are manufactured in several variants:

Specifications: Value:
The size of produced pipe (mm/mm) 12/16,16/20, 20/26, 26/32
Performance (n m/min). to 12
Power consumption (kW) 45
Dimensions (m) LxWxH 20х3х2,5
Weight (kg) 6000


Advantages of pipes PPR-AL-PPR:

for versatility and the best consumer properties,

pipe PPR-AL-PPR combines advantages of metal and polypropylene pipes,

pipe PPR-AL-PPR pipe can be welded (in contrast to metal pipes),

pipe PPR-AL-PPR pipe easy to bend while retaining its shape as plastic,

pipe PPR-AL-PPR pipe have a smaller coefficient of linear expansion at high temperatures, which gives the opportunity to use a pipe without expansion joints,

pipe PPR-AL-PPR pipe supplied in coils,

– increased resistance to high temperatures (t operating=110 °C),

don’t need a compensator

– 100% kislorodopronitsaemaya,

uvelichit the life of pipes (over 50 years) when they are used in heating systems due to the fact that the polypropylene has higher heat resistance compared to polyethylene high levels of sanitation standards,

– resistance to corrosion


– fire

acoustic absorption.


Description of PPR-AL-PPR:

Metallopotreblenija pipe PPR-AL-PPR composite is a complex structure consisting of inner and outer tubes high quality polypropylene, sealed layer of aluminumconnected to the polypropylene, the special adhesive composition.


The basis of pipes PPR-AL-PPR pipe is aluminum (ribbon) is welded by ultrasound, which allows to reduce the wall thickness of pipes, to increase flow area and the permissible fluid pressure. This technology stock can withstand the design pressure, and at regular burst tests aluminum pipe (tape) never breaks at the joint.

As connecting elements of pipes PPR-AL-PPR can be used fittings:

polypropylene under weldingPPRС;
press fittings for metal-plastic;
crimp for metal;
other fittings for metal-plastic.

Which means that you can create a combined system of heating and water supply at significant financial savings.


Characteristics of pipes PPR-AL-PPR:

Working pressure – 10 ATM.;
Working environment temperature + 110 ° C;
Period of operation at a temperature of not less than 50 years;
Diffusion of oxygen, g/m3 per day. – 0.

Through a comprehensive laboratory test tube “PPR-AL-PPR” successfully withstood the excess pressure up to 25 ATM, at a temperature of 95 ° C, the destructive pressure of 35-45 ATM.

Pipes “PPR-AL-PPR” passed the state certification for compliance with Russian standards and sanitary norms.


Applications of PPR-AL-PPR:

hot and cold water;

heating system in multi-storey, residential and industrial buildings;

heated floors, sidewalks, Parking lots, etc.

irrigation, irrigation and abstraction of water from water sources;

system of compressed air;

system transport corrosive liquid products;

wiring system;

the system of pipelines in river and sea ships;

piping systems and ducting freight and passenger cars of JSC “Russian Railways”.