Quantum computer – the computer of the future

Quantum computer – the computer of the future.

Technology is in the process of development!



Quantum computer – computing device that uses the phenomena of quantum superposition and quantum entanglement for data transmission and processing.





Access to a quantum computer



Quantum computer – computing machine which instantly solves the problem using the phenomenon of quantum superposition (the set of possible States of a quantum particle with a certain probability each) and quantum entanglement (in which two or more particles are interdependent – confusing, that is, the connection remains intact even if they are spread in different part of the Universe) for data transmission and processing.

The basic element of quantum computer is the quantum bit, or qubit (quantum bit, qubit).

Unlike a conventional computer, where information bits of the answer (which accept the values “0” or “1”), in a quantum computer they are replaced by quantum bits (short – qubit) that have two main values (the state) to “0” and “1”. Due to the property of quantum objects called “superposition”, the qubit can take all the values that are combinations of basic ones. Moreover, its quantum nature allows him to be in all these States simultaneously. This is the parallelism of quantum computing with qubits. Everything happens all at once – you don’t have to cycle through all possible States of the system. Now do not need huge computing power and memory, because the system calculation of 100 particles is enough 100 qubits, and not the trillions of trillions of bits.



– high speed computations that are inaccessible to ordinary computers

the ability to solve complex problems that conventional computers or can’t decide, or decide for a long time.



artificial intelligence,

molecular modeling,


financial modeling,

weather forecasting and climate change.


Access to a quantum computer:

Currently, it is possible to access the quantum computer via the cloud. Several companies offer this service for free. For example, IBM and D-Wave. Access to them can get anyone from your computer or mobile device. It is enough to register or request access.

Quantum Leap platform Application Environment of the company D-Wave.

The Quantum IBM Experience IBM. Press release IBM. To work with the platform you need to request access.


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