Krypronite and cryptologist

Krypronite and cryptologist.



Krypronite and cryptologist:

Krypronite is a metal, the resistivity reaches at low (cryogenic) temperatures (down to -173 oC) values in the hundreds or thousands of times smaller than their electrical resistivity at normal temperature.

The phenomenon of cloprostenol not similar to the phenomenon of superconductivity.

Unlike superconductors have cryptological resistivity when cooling decreases smoothly, without jumps and reaches small values at cryogenic temperatures. The metals are not being transferred to the superconducting state.

Cryptologist – a special case of the normal conductivity of metals, but under conditions of low (cryogenic) temperatures.

The phenomenon of cloprostenol is caused by the reduction of the thermal vibrations of the crystal lattice of the metal and for this reason the decrease of electron scattering.

To achieve high values of cloprostenol required high purity and lack of defects in the crystal lattice of the metal. Cryptologically are, for example, pure copper and aluminium (brand А999 from 0.001% impurities) at the temperature of liquid hydrogen (20,28 -252,87 K or °C), commercially pure beryllium (0.1% impurities) at the temperature of liquid nitrogen (77.4 per K or -195,75 °C).


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