Water jet cutting machine CNC 5-axis

Water jet cutting machine, CNC Russian production T6000.



Water jet cutting machine can handle complex profiles at maximum angle of inclination to 60 degrees. Using processing functions under the water by adjusting the water level in the tub can be processed under water, that completely eliminates noise and dust.




Specifications water jet cutting machine T6000

Packaging of water jet cutting machine T6000



Water jet cutting machine, CNC T6000 installed 5- axis head is designed for machining complex profiles, with maximum inclination angle up to 60 degrees. Specially designed to work in harsh conditions.

Water jet cutting machine T6000 provide all additional devices quality control processing. Equipped with a system of inductive monitoring of the distance between the nozzle and the surface of the material to maintain a constant gap during machining. Can be equipped with various set of optional accessories: linear displacement transducers, laser sensors scanning material, sensors of the control flow of abrasive.



– high accuracy machining thanks to a special system of measurement;

function treatment under water allows, by adjusting the level of water in the bathroom to make processing under water, that completely eliminates noise and dust;

the power – steering pump of the new generation Quantum ESP is a modern pump on the basis of the servo motor;

5-axis PAC60 cutting head with continuous rotation, a maximum angle of ±60° with the function of maintaining a constant clearance and compensation taper cut;

– the function of removing the head from the impact sensor prevents damage to the focusing tube, or other parts of the machine;

sensor Tech-Sense™ provides continuous monitoring of abrasive flow to the focusing tube;

the waste removal system automatically removes the waste in the container without operator intervention;

software SOFTEC™ allows you to automate the whole process of making items from model development to production;

– 6-axis further allows to rotate the item for processing from all sides in one setup, designed to handle pipes or other three-dimensional parts;

many advanced features to simplify and speed up the work on the machine.


Specifications water jet cutting machine T6000:

Features: Value:
Table size (mm) 3200 x 6250
The cutting area (mm) 3050 x 6100
Positioning accuracy (mm) ±0.025/1000
Repeatability (mm) ±0.015
Maximum cutting speed (m/min) 25
Maximum pressure (bar) 3800 (4550)
Maximum thickness of cut material (mm) 150 (300)
Maximum travel of Z axis (mm) 200
Weight empty-tank (kg) 6050
Weight with full tank (kg) 20800
Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm) 4200 x 8000 x 2000


Packaging of water jet cutting machine T6000:

the Quantum ESP55S power-steering pump (3,800 bar);

1 cutting head with sensor Tech-Sense™;

the function of removing the head with the impact sensor;

the linear displacement sensors in X,Y;

preparation for connection of the 4-th and 5-th axis;

treatment function under water and above water;

apron stainless steel to protect the machine in the loading/unloading of material;

the ANCA controller mod. АТ2010 with the handwheel;

filter the input water;

capacity for abrasive — 140 kg;

processing and punching of material of high and low pressure;

signal window self-diagnosis;

swivel the control panel.


Note: the description of technology on the example of water jet cutting machine T6000.