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Walking robot with a new stabilization system.



Walking robot AnyWalker with a new stabilization system can move in difficult terrain and climb obstacles three times higher than the chassis.








Walking robot AnyWalker has a unique system of dynamic stabilization, by which he confidently moves on any surface. Walking robot with body diameter from 40 cm to 1.5 m moves in any environment, not even fit for a person over rough terrain. Special software that allows him to be held firmly on the ground, on the floor, on the stairs even when lifting one leg.



The stabilization system adjusts to various objectives embedded in service robots, alarm systems stabilization of transport, construction of objects during an earthquake, the devices reduce pitching small boats, the positioning of objects in space, devices that support people with disabilities (power exoskeleton, 3D mobile wheelchair).

Walking robot AnyWalker can act as an educational platform for learning the mechanics, programming, robotics, Cybernetics and control theory, in clubs, schools, institutions and enterprises.



– move in difficult terrain;

opening doors, turning valves and pressing buttons;

– the robot can work in narrow spaces of the vestibule and of sewers;

moving the bottom of the reservoir and maneuvering in weightlessness;

– the robot can climb obstacles three times higher than the chassis;

using the original stabilization system can achieve the stability of a wide class of structures, robots, shooting, platforms, multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicles.



for education;

perform work in narrow spaces and difficult terrain;

automation of tasks;

improving the sustainability of various structures;

emergency stabilization systems.



Feature: Value:
The number of legs, EA. 2
Orthogonal flywheels, pieces. 3
Resistance to the overturning effects of power, W up to 100
Overcoming obstacles metres in height 1.5 to 4.5
The estimated speed of movement in the step mode, km/h 5
Design speed in rolling mode, km/h 10
Battery operation hours 5
Remote control operator There
Video and photography There


Note: the description of technology on the example of the walking robot AnyWalker.