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Walking excavator.



Walking excavator – walking excavator on the move, usually with a dragline equipment. The use of hydraulic walking mover reduces the load on the ground and improve the reliability. Has a high performance.



The advantages of draglines




Walking excavator — the excavator to the walking course, usually with a dragline equipment. The use of hydraulic walking (unlike the caterpillar) propulsion reduces the load on the ground (weight machines can reach hundreds and even thousands of tons) and increase reliability.

Stationary excavator is based on the soil support plate at the base; if necessary, make a “step” weight is transferred to the support shoes (“ski”); each Shoe operated by two pairs of hydraulic cylinders. The excavator lifted soil is displaced some distance and sits back down on the ground baseplate. Support shoes, in turn, lifts off the ground and moved forward; then the cycle repeats.

The purpose of dragline Stripping overburden with laying rocks in the developed space or on Board the career.

Excavators can move a mountain mass over long distances. In the development of high-strength breeds, a partial or complete loosening by blasting.

Walking excavators are manufactured in several versions depending on the capacity of the bucket 11 to 100 m3 and boom length from 75 to 130 m.


The advantages of draglines:

greater reliability,

durability of structures and nodes under heavy load,

– high performance,

the possibility of drawing both above and below the level of the state,

– the length of the arrows (at 90-180% greater than the length of shafts for mechanical shovels of the same mass),

small ground pressure,

the design allows repair of major components and assemblies without additional lifting mechanisms

excavators work reliably at temperatures from minus 50° to plus 40°C

– easy installation, maintenance and repair,

the walking mechanism of the excavator ensures smooth movement and high maneuverability of the machine. Depending on the model of excavator walking mechanism can be of two, three or chetyrehosnyj.



Used in mining in mining (coal, combustible shales, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, gold, raw materials for chemical industry, refractories, etc.) in an open way.