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Jet cleaner for cleaning dust, metal shavings, non-aggressive liquids.



Jet cleaner for cleaning dust, metal shavings, non-aggressive liquids, not containing electrical circuits, a movable and rotating parts.

The technology is awaiting funding!




The principle of operation




Jet cleaner uses a feed gas, the feed to the unit in which the ejector vacuum is a vacuum created, whereby there are conditions for the collection of polluting agents.

Due to the rotational movement within the housing air-polluting fragments settle to the bottom of the vacuum cleaner and the purified air returns to the atmosphere.

Jet cleaner can be used for cleaning industrial areas.


Working principle:

When you enable the driving force of the thrust (5) under the action of dilution, the contaminated stream is sucked through the pipe (2) into the housing (1), twists, acquires a rotary motion of the coarse fraction of dust under the action of centrifugal forces is discarded to the periphery of the housing (1) and settle on the bottom. The flow of air with fine dust is sucked into the hollow cylinder (3) through the perforated holes and is filtered by the shell (4). The purified air is directed through the radial slot diffuser (6) the driving force of the thrust (5) muffler (8), where the sound attenuation. Depending on the expenditure of the mode cleaner its optimal mode of operation is set by a mechanical adjustment of the gap “a” and self-regulation of its flow part at the expense of the elastic properties of porous rubber, resulting in minimum hydraulic losses. Then the flow passes through the side wall of the muffler (8), the holes of the partition (12), gasket (15) and the holes of the cover (14), the most muted and filtered. Getting into a cloth cover 17, aimed a jet of air dissipate pressure weakens.



– ejector vacuum design does not have electrical circuits,

no moving and rotating parts, which significantly increases the reliability of the device and its operational characteristics.

– can be used in inflammable and explosive industries.



for pumping fluids, including from the tank into the container;

to move bulk materials;

for the selection of oil and oil films from a water surface.


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