Ultra-light diffraction lens, which replaces the complex optical system and the lattice

Ultra-light diffraction lens, replacing a complex optical system.



Ultralight diffraction lens weighing just 5 grams with the unique nanostructure has a high resolution, superior modern optical system, and replaces complex optical system.


Ultralight diffraction lens

The advantages of ultra-light diffraction lenses



Ultralight diffraction lens:

Created ultra-light diffraction lens weighing just 5 grams with the unique nanostructure. For comparison, the lens of the modern camera is a lens system. The number of the lens affects the weight, size and cost of the lens. Diffractive lens replaces the entire complex lens. In this case, ultra-lightweight lens has a high resolution color images, superior modern optical system.

Ultralight diffractive lens is a quartz glass (or transparent plastic), the surface of which is applied to a special photosensitive substance is a resist. A thickness of 7 microns (for comparison, the thickness of a human hair 40-90 microns). With the help of laser beam on the resistive displays 256-level terrain. It is a “approximation” of the object, and the distortion compensation provides a digital image processing based on convolution neural networks. The production process of one of the lenses is about half an hour.

Fig. 1. Ultralight diffraction lens

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Ultralight diffraction lens can be used not only in cameras but also in the systems of optical surveillance and satellitesflying in orbits from 20 km to 500 km. the Technology of manufacture of ultra-light diffraction lenses capable of providing resolution of such lenses up to 18 meters. While the existing optical system for nano-satellites provide resolution pictures of the surface of the Earth 40 meters.


The advantages of ultra-light diffraction lenses:

– low weight,

small size,

– low cost,

ease of fabrication,

– high resolution.


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