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Transparent aluminium is stronger than tempered glass.



Transparent aluminum is a transparent ceramic solid mass, which is four times stronger than tempered glass and has a high shock resistance.



Benefits and properties



Transparent aluminum, he oxynitride aluminium (AlON) is a compound of aluminum, oxygen and nitrogen, which is a transparent ceramic solid mass.

Russian scientists developed a new method for producing transparent aluminium – spark-plasma sintering. The new method is modified method of the traditional hot pressing. In this case, electric current is passed directly through the mold and extruding the billet, and not through an external heater. C using pulsed current is achieved by very rapid heating for an extremely short cycle times.

From oxynitride aluminum get transparent bullet-proof, explosion-proof and impact-resistant glass, Windows, aircraft Windows, plates, domes, rods, tubes and other products.


Benefits and properties:

– four times stronger than tempered glass,

85% harder than sapphire,

– high melting point – 2 150 °C

has a high resistance.

– high resistance to scratches. It is impossible to scratch,

the material is optically transparent (> 80%) in the ultraviolet, visible, and half-wave ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum.


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