Tombac bimetal brass alloy rounds alloy composition Novosibirsk ammunition 308 shell leaf price, buy




Tombac – a kind of brass, an alloy of copper (88-97%) and zinc (10%) with high flexibility, anticorrosive and antifriction properties.






Red brass (FR. tombac, from the Malay style. tambaga copper) – a kind of brass, alloy of copper (Cu) (88-97%) and zinc (Zn) (10%). Has high plasticity, corrosion and anti-friction properties.

Amount of zinc in the alloy not only affects its performance but also on its color. With increasing content of zinc the colour of zinc changes from red to light yellow.

Copper alloys with zinc content 10-30% called balatonakali.

Usually in tombac add impurities of other metals, the content of which is several tenths of a percent.

This alloy is known since ancient times. Used in jewelry, in the manufacture of musical instruments used to make items of furniture, tableware, figurines, and other items.



noble Golden color,

high resistance to corrosion,

– high anti-friction properties

the friction coefficient equal to 0,44 (without lubricant). If you use lubricants, the coefficient friction was reduced up to 0.074,

– greater wear resistance

density – 8780 kg/m3,

– high plasticity,

responds well to machining,

– no magnetic,

good weldability of different materials (steel, non-ferrous and precious metals),

hardness up to 145 MPa,

melting temperature is 1045 °C,

– the ultimate tensile strength is from 440 to 520 MPa,

elongation after rupture is about 3%.