Thread that changes color when the toxins in the air

Thread that changes color when the toxins in the air.

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Thread that changes color when the toxins in the air, react on the smallest concentrations and are resistant to moisture and water.



It is known that many dyes change their color with the appearance in the air of even small amounts of various substances (e.g., toxins). This means that if you soak these dyes fabric or sheets of paper, it is possible to detect these substances in the air and estimate their concentration by changing their color.

In order to make the fabric resistant to external impact, for example, to moisture or water, scientists created the method of “confinement” of paint on the inside threads of all types. The fabric is pre-soaked in the dye solution, then treat it with acetic acid and coat the strands with a thin layer of polydimethylsiloxane, inert polymer based on silicon, oxygen and methane. The resulting coating fabric prevents the penetration of moisture and water inside the fibers, but does not prevent the molecules of substances in the air, interact with dyes to change their color.

Currently fiber fabric recognize in the air, of a pair of ammonia and hydrochloric acid when the concentration is not less than 15 parts per million. In the future it is planned to create the fibres, which recognize other toxic substances in the air.

Scientists continue to research methods of “confinement” of the paint inside the threads of various materials.


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