The upper stage “Fregat” for the withdrawal of the spacecraft into orbit diagram of the engine system upravleniya

The upper stage “Fregat” for the spacecraft on a given orbit.



Universal upper stage “Fregat” (RB “Fregat”) and is intended for use in rockets medium and heavy class for the purpose of the spacecraft at the different specified orbit.



The upper stage “Fregat” has the following features

The composition of the upper stage “Fregat”

Key features



Universal upper stage “Fregat” (RB “Fregat”) and is intended for use in rockets medium and heavy class to launch space vehicles at different specified orbit.

The basic upper stage, Fregat started a family of high-performance boosters that are created and are based on it. Application RB “Fregat” extra fuel tanks and block tanks (RB “Fregat-MT” and RB “Fregat-SB”) made it possible to significantly increase the weight of the filled fuel and, thereby, increase the efficiency of the booster.

Basis of design-layout scheme of the Republic of Belarus “Frigate” is a unit of tanks built on a monoblock carrier scheme. It has trasferisce configuration, consisting of six welded together spherical tanks, split spherical bottoms. Four of them are the tanks of oxidizer and fuel, two tanks are compartments to accommodate on-Board equipment (one sealed).

In one of the containers (sealed) is placed a monobloc control systems, including satellite navigation equipment (ASN) and the fans of system of maintenance of a thermal mode, in the other (unsealed) – small instrument compartment, office blocks, and Caraballo high pressure MDU and do POPS.

May 2016, made 58 runs of the Republic of Belarus “Frigate” of various modifications and displayed more than 100 spacecraft of Russian and foreign production.


The upper stage “Fregat” has the following features:

is universal and is used in the composition of rockets medium and heavy class (the Soyuz, proton, Zenit, later of “Angara”);

Autonomous, i.e. it provides the whole process of launching a payload without interference from the Ground;

logic RB provides a way out of possible emergency situations;

the upper stage “Fregat” provides almost absolute accuracy of the spacecraft on the target orbit;

for the first time in Russia in the control loop applied to satellite navigation equipment operating from navigation systems GLONASS and GPS, which significantly improved the accuracy of the spacecraft on the target orbit.

the ability to re-enable the MDU to ensure optimal excretion;

the upper stage “Fregat” components dressed with fuel before installing on the SC, making it versatile against any launch vehicles;

for a long time (2 days) of active existence;

the possibility of launches from three launch sites: Baikonur, Plesetsk and Guiana space centre “Kuru” (French Guiana), in the future the East.


The composition of the upper stage “Frigate”:

Of the Republic of Belarus “Frigate” includes the following systems:

propulsion system consisting of: main propulsion unit (MDU), the propulsion system of stabilization, orientation and launch of (DN pop);

the control system (CS);

telemetry system (TM);

the sending device (DCD);

antenna-feeder system (AFS):

chemical current sources (HIT);

system for thermal regime (SOTR);

control system temperature and pressure (SKTD);

the DME;

office blocks.

The upper stage “Fregat-MT” (medium auxiliary tanks) is an upgraded RB “Frigate”, and is used to launch spacecraft from the Baikonur “Kuru” (French Guiana). Modernization is to adapt radio-telemetry system RB to work with the European network of ground tracking stations.


Main features:

Settings Frigate The Fregat-MT Fregat-SB
The initial mass
with a maximum
dressing, kg
6235 7640 11680
The final weight, kg 945 1035 1080
Dimensions: height/diameter, mm 1875/3440 1945/3800 2435/3875
Fuel components: oxidizer/fuel AT/UDMH AT/UDMH AT/UDMH
Maximum working
fuel/full tank filling, kg
5235/5307 6550/6650 10140/10330
Pull the module: mode BT/MT, kgs 2030±100/1420±150 2030±100/1420±150 2030±100/1420±150
Specific impulse: mode BT/MT, with 333,2/320 333,2/320 333,2/320
The maximum number
inclusions MD
7 7 7


Note: the description of technology on the example of the upper stage “Fregat”.