The technology of the future

The technology of the future.



Presents a list of breakthrough technologies (future technologies) from the periodic table of the technologies of the future, prepared by British scientists — analysts division of Imperial Tech Foresight at Imperial College London.



The technology of the future:

1. Smart nappies Smart nappy
2. Deep ocean wind farms – Deep ocean wind farms
3. Vertical agriculture, Vertical agriculture

Vertical farming (vertical farms) – agriculture, placed in a high-rise building which is stacked use of space – tiered placement of vegetation, animals and fish.

4. Wireless energy transfer – Wireless power transfer
5. Balloon-powered Internet – the Internet-borne balloons

High-altitude aerostatic platform is a airship with electricity from solar panels. He is able to keep a constant geographical position at the height of 20-23 km, and a payload, which includes the instrument of observation and tracking is 1200 kg and supplied with electricity. Geostationary characteristics of the airship allow for monitoring, communication and data transmission, including providing Internet access over a territory area of more than 1 million km2.

6. Powered exoskeletons – Exoskeletons

Exoskeleton – a device designed to compensate for lost functions, increased muscle strength of a person and the extension range of motion due to the external frame and lead parts. The exoskeleton follows the biomechanics of human rights to a proportional increase in effort during the movements.

7. Computerized shoes & clothing – Computerized shoes and clothing
8. Vacuum-tube transport – Transport with vacuum tube
9. Scram jets – a Hypersonic ramjet engines
10. Asteroid mining – the Extraction of minerals on asteroids
11. Cryptocurrencies – Cryptocurrencies
12. Concentrated solar power – Concentrated solar power
13. Predictive policing – Predictive policing
14. Micro-scale ambient energy harvesting – energy harvesting environment at the microscale
15. Airborne wind turbines Air wind turbines
16. Companions of Avatar – Avatar companions
17. Metallic hydrogen energy storage – energy Storage of metallic hydrogen
18. Smart glasses & contact lenses – Smart glasses and contact lenses
19. Pollution eating buildings – Buildings that feed on pollution
20. Force fields – Force fields
21. Care Robotic companions, Robots for nursing and care
22. Smart controls and appliances – Intelligent control and instrumentation
23. Cultured meat – Meat from the tube (artificial meat)

Artificial meat grown from stem cells of animals. The process of tissue growth of artificial meat in some degree copies the natural growth of the cells in the body of the animal.

24. Delivery robots & passenger drones – Robotic couriers and passenger drones

The system of delivery of cargoes with the help of robots-couriers will replace the traditional system of delivery in the near future. The robot-courier is free to transport appliances, food and any other products.

25. Autonomous ships & submarines – Autonomous ships and submarines
26. Resource gamification – Gamification resources
27. Water harvesting from air – Collecting water from air

Collecting water from the air using Autonomous nonvolatile apparatus for producing water from air “spring Swirl” reminds wells of antiquity, built on the Great silk road. The installation is based on the use of vortex flow of air and condensation principle.

28. Broadcasting of electricity – Transmission of electricity
29. Bio-plastics Bio-plastic

Bio-plastic – a biodegradable plastic degrades rapidly in soil or water without the need for composting. The decomposition time is from a few weeks to 2 years.

30. Beam-powered propulsion – Power engine with a pulsed beam
31. Distributed ledgers – Distributed data
32. Precision agriculture – precision agriculture
33. Autonomous vehicles – an Autonomous vehicle
34. Intention decoding algorithms the decoding Algorithms intentions
35. Drone delivery freight – cargo delivery drones
36. Autonomous passenger aircraft – Autonomous passenger aircraft
37. 3D printing of food & pharmaceuticals – 3D printing of food products and pharmaceuticals
38. Swarm robotics swarm robots, robots gregarious (swarm-robotics)

Robots gregarious or swarming robots operate in a group, which is managed as a single object. And do the robots can be any drones or underwater drones.

39. 4-dimensional materials – a 4-dimensional materials
40. Zero-point energy – the Energy of the zero point
41. Medical tricorders the Medical tricorders
42. Smart flooring & carpets – Smart floors and carpets
43. Diagnostic toilets – toilets Diagnostic
44. Smart energy grids – smart grid
45. Algal bio-fuels Algal biofuels
46. Human-organ printing – Printing of human organs
47. Artificial human blood substitute – an Artificial substitute for human blood

Perftoran is an artificial substitute for human blood with gas-transport function which is able to deliver oxygen in constricted capillaries, to feed themselves, red blood cells, restore blood circulation and strengthen the immune system. Perftoran because of the bluish color of the emulsion is also called “blue blood”*.

48. New materials – New materials
49. Fusion power – Fusion energy
50. Self-reconfiguring modular robots – modular robots Camperstrike
51. Mega-scale desalination is a large – scale water desalination

Due to the high salt content, seawater is unfit for drinking. Desalination of sea water allows you to make seawater suitable for drinking and for use it for other purposes. Installation of sea water desalination, developed on new physical principles, recreates the process of freezing water for fractions of microseconds. The process of freezing water creates shear conditions for the whole structure of the water molecule in order to change its energy state, the solubility, other parameters, in the end, the impurities dissolved in it precipitate.

52. Self-writing software – a fountain software
53. Public mood monitoring – Monitoring of the public mood
54. Programmable bacteria, Programmed bacteria
55. Peer-to-peer energy trading & transmission – to-Peer trade and the transfer of energy
56. Personal Lifelong avatar assistants – personal Lifelong avatar assistants
57. Smart dust – Smart dust (miniature sensors-analyzers)

Smart dust is the name of tiny wireless microelectromechanical sensors-sensors that can detect everything from light and temperature and ending with the vibrations and chemicals. As a rule, they occupy the volume of only one cubic millimeter).

58. Low-cost space travel – space travel Cheap
59. Planet colonization – Colonization
60. Shape-shifting matter – Substance, changing the form
61. Predictive gene-based healthcare – Predictive gene-based health care
62. Automated knowledge discovery – Automatic search of knowledge
63. Autonomous robotic surgery – Autonomous robotic surgery
64. Emotionally aware machines – Emotionally aware machines
65. Humanoid sex-robots – human-like sex robots
66. Human bio-hacking Bio-hacking the human
67. Of Internet DNA Internet DNA
68. Thought control – machine Interfaces to control machines with thoughts
69. Dream reading & recording – Read and write of dreams
70. Whole Earth virtualisation – Virtualisation of the whole Earth
71. Planetary-scale spectroscopy Spectroscopy on a planetary scale
72. Implantable phones – Implantable phones
73. E-tagging of humans – E-labeling people (Electronic labeling people)
74. Male pregnancy & artificial wombs – Male pregnancy and artificial womb
75. DNA data storage – data Storage DNA
76. Genomic vaccines – Genomic vaccine
77. Quantum safe cryptography – Quantum-safe cryptography
78. Cognitive prosthetics Cognitive prosthetics
79. Uploading Data to the brain – Uploading data to the brain
80. Reactionless drive – a proximity drive
81. Conversational machine interfaces – Interactive machine interfaces
82. Life-expectancy algorithms – Algorithms life expectancy
83. Stratospheric aerosols – Stratospheric aerosols
84. Battlefield robots – Fighting robots
85. AI advisors & decision-making machines – advisors and decision-making based on artificial intelligence
86. AI board members & politicians – Members of the Board of the corporations and politicians on the basis of artificial intelligence
87. Invisibility shields – Shields are invisible
88. Photosynthesis Factory – the Industrial photosynthesis
89. Transhuman technologies – TRANS-human technology
90. Telepathy – Telepathy
91. Digital footprint eraser – Eraser digital footprint
92. Digital Personal shields – Personal digital boards
93. Human head transplants – the Transplantation of a human head
94. Human cloning and de-extinction – Cloning and human resurrection
95. Distributed autonomous corporations Distributed Autonomous corporations
96. Space solar power – Space solar power
97. Space elevators – the Space Elevator

Space Elevator – design to launch spacecraft into space without using rockets. Its construction – a further step in space exploration.

98. Fully immersive virtual reality (VR) – immersive virtual reality
99. Artificial consciousness Artificial consciousness
100. We can’t talk about this one – We can’t say about this technology


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