The system of delivery of cargoes with the help of robots-couriers

The system of delivery using robotic couriers.




The system of delivery using robotic couriers will replace the traditional system of delivery in the near future. The robot-courier is free to transport appliances, food and any other products.

Today Autonomous wheeled robots move on their own in space on the sidewalks, roadway, etc. Various obstacles like curbs, not a hindrance to them. They will easily travel for long distances at low speed (6 to 20 km/h). For navigation the robot uses a camera, infrared and ultrasonic sensors. Currently, they can move in automatic mode under the supervision of a person who at any time can switch to manual control.

This technology reduces the freight cost of delivery of the order 5-10 times. Secondly, at the forefront of the environmental factor. Robotic couriers use rechargeable batteries. Thirdly, the human factor is excluded.

Implemented delivery system with the help of robots may be as follows. All the goods are inside the robot and when it arrives to the recipient on a smartphone receives a message. Also, through the mobile app, you can track the path of the robot. Cargo safety guarantee digital lock. It is only opened by the recipient through a special application on the phone.

The system of cargo delivery in this option, currently implemented in England in the city of Greenwich.


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