The strongest fiber – ultra-strong fiber from VSMPO stronger than steel 6 letters crossword puzzle synthetic

The strongest fiber – ultra-strong fiber from SMPA.



The strong fiber – fiber from UHMWPE – stronger than steel 10 times stronger than Kevlar by 40%. UHMWPE fiber is the only high-strength fiber, with buoyancy (0,98 g/cm3). Fibers of UHMWPE have a light weight, weather resistance, resistance to frost (up to – 80 ° C), water resistance.



The basic characteristics of the fiber from UHMWPE


The technology of producing UHMWPE-fiber




Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) is a material for the manufacture of sverkhvysokochastotnogo durable fiber and medium armor.

Fibers of UHMWPE stronger than steel and 10 times stronger than Kevlar by 40%. Resistance to ballistic impact of armor on the basis of UHMWPE 25% higher durability armor made of Kevlar, which in this case is 1.5 times heavier.

UHMWPE fiber is the only high-strength fiber, buoyant (of 0.98 g/cm3).


Main characteristics of fiber of UHMWPE:

Specific breaking load, SN/Tex GOST 6611.2-73 The modulus of elasticity SN/Tex GOST 6611.2-73
Strong fiber based on UHMWPE
9 000-14 000
700-1 500
With a para-aramid
6 000-10 000



– high resistance to abrasion,

shock resistance,

– chemical resistance,

resistance to UV radiation,

– high mechanical characteristics (tensile strength, modulus of elasticity) compared to fibers from other polymers,

light weight,

– weather resistance,

frost resistance (–80 oC),

– good abrasion properties

water resistance,

– the vibration absorbing capacity,

high resistance to ballistic impacts, which makes the fiber, for example, a promising material for the production of bonestructure for protection against fragments and bullets (vests, helmets).


The technology of producing UHMWPE-fiber:

Sverkhvysokochastotnoi strong fiber obtained from the method of UHMWPE gel spinning.

The technology consists of dissolving the UHMWPE in a solvent (e.g. decalin or paraffin oil). If a diluted solution (concentration 5%) to squeeze through thin openings in water, it turns into a gel which is then subjected to a 30-fold elongation in a furnace (at 100°C and more). If this fibre is removed the solvent. The extrusion speed of the fiber up to 100 m/min is Obtained a heavy-duty fiber high modulus, specific strength which is higher than aramid fiber.

Get heavy-duty fiber retains all the properties of UHMWPE.



High strength thread from ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene can be processed:

in ultra-light composite materials combining high mechanical properties and impact resistance (air, vertoleta, shipbuilding and automotive);

in personal and collective armor protection (body armor, combat helmets, bulletproof panels);

products of mass demand (super-tough rope-rope products, slings, cables, fabrics, tapes, etc.).


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