The solution of silver nanoparticles (colloidal silver, nanosilver)

The solution of silver nanoparticles (colloidal silver, nanosilver) – disinfectant new generation.



Silver nanoparticles and solutions of silver nanoparticles have wide scope of on pathogenic microorganisms and pathogenic flora. To the action of any antibiotic of organisms for 7-10 years. At the same time not found any cases of conforming of microorganisms to impact of silver nanoparticles as they attack microorganisms at several directions.



The principle of operation

Benefits and properties




Silver nanoparticles and solutions of silver nanoparticles have wide scope of on pathogenic microorganisms and pathogenic flora. They silver nanoparticles are one of the promising disinfectants. They allow to deal not only with such dangerous diseases as legionellosis, avian influenza and other netipichnaya pneumonia, hepatitis, tuberculosis, but less dangerous, but widespread and is causing great inconvenience to people – Salmonella, Escherichia coli and staphylococcal infections (including Escherichia coli), etc. To the action of any antibiotic of organisms for 7-10 years. At the same time not found any cases of conforming of microorganisms to impact of silver nanoparticles as they attack microorganisms at several directions.

Silver nanoparticles are produced in colloidal solutions under the brand name “AgBion”.

Drugs “Agbion” are produced by biochemical synthesis in the form of colloidal solutions of silver nanoparticles stable in water phase, in different organic solvents (dodecane, octane) as well as in mixed type solutions, for example alcohol-water.

Externally, the concentrates represent a transparent liquid of brown color, activitiesthese component of which is silver nanoparticles with size from 3 to 16 nm, stabilized by molecules of surfactants.

Preparations of silver nanoparticles “Agbion” belong to the class of non-toxic substances are safe for humans and animals, do not harm the environment.


Principle of operation:

Feature drugs “Agbion” is that silver nanoparticles have spherical shape and their size is in the range of 3 – 16 nm. Research conducted by the specialists of INAT ICF and third-party organizations have shown that one is more effective for destruction of pathogenic microorganisms particle size of 9-15 nm.

Silver nanoparticles “Agbion” attack microorganisms at several directions. This explains that so far not found a single case of adaptation of microorganisms to impact of silver nanoparticles, at the time, as to the effect of any antibiotic of organisms for 7-10 years.


Benefits and properties:

– have a high antibacterial activity, including is able to suppress the most adapted to external influences microorganisms (or their modified forms),

have a full range of antimicrobial activity (bacteria, viruses, fungi) and suppression of pathogenic microflora (spores),

– do not have a blasting effect on the materials of the workpieces,

does not contain chlorinated components

– environmentally safe and do not pollute the environment with harmful chemical compounds

ensure the safety of health of personnel and patients at recommended treatment regimes,

– silver nanoparticles are universal: they are able to destroy more than 600 pathogenic viruses, bacteria and fungi, while any one antibiotic is striking not more than 7 varieties of them,

have bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal properties. Have active negative effect on fungi and blue-green algae.

All of the above properties and benefits of drugs “Agbion” and modified materials are confirmed by the researches of the specialists of Central research Institute of epidemiology, Institute of solution chemistry of RAS, State research Institute for restoration, Institute of General and inorganic chemistry named after N. With. Kournakova (inch) Russian Academy of Sciences and leading institutes of the Russian Academy of medical Sciences (RAMS) Institute of human ecology and environmental hygiene them. Sisina, Institute of epidemiology and Microbiology them. Gamalei research Institute of Virology. D. I. Ivanovskiy Institute of nutrition, Laboratory of legionellosis (national center on legionellosis of the Russian Academy of medical science, collaborating centre on legionellosis of the world Health Organization). Cm. documents and evidence on the manufacturer’s website here and here…



The solution of silver nanoparticles “AgBion” is intended for:

– as a disinfectant for:

disinfection of premises, furniture, sanitary-technical and other equipment, water, etc. silver Nanoparticles “Agbion” can be used as a disinfectant, meeting the highest modern requirements;
for preventive sanitary processing of premises and equipment;
protection from rot and mold building structures, basements, wooden buildings and structures, etc.;
destruction of mold and fungus on the walls of residential and non-residential premises.

– as a modifier – as a biocidal additive for the creation and production of a variety of materials and products for sanitary purposes with a biocide (including antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal) properties of broad spectrum. The introduction of nanoparticles of “Agbion” silver to the amount of material or applying them to the surface of the product allows us to give them these antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal properties.

The solution of silver nanoparticles “AgBion” is used and can be used in the following fields, sectors and areas:

– household chemicals: disinfectants for sanitary and hygienic treatment of common areas, disinfectants for disinfection of household items, deodorants for shoes, biocide detergents, biocidal additive for detergents and cleaning products,etc.,

construction materials: biocidal paints based on water for interior decoration, biocidal paints based on organic solvents for interior decoration, biocidal powder coatings for metallic surfaces (cabinets, shelves, equipment housings), accessories (door handles, handrails, etc.), biocidal primer, biocidal coatings for furniture, etc, building materials with antiseptic properties (concrete, building blocks based on cement, gypsum, epoxy composites), means for corrosion protection and education control of bio-fouling of metal surfaces (reference metal construction, water systems, bottoms of ships ,etc.)

– filters: filters for water, filters for the food industry (production of juices, soft drinks), air filters ventilation and air conditioning (in buildings, cars,etc.)

– packaging, tableware packaging materials for food products, extending shelf life, disposable, reusable dishes / utensils with antibacterial properties of the surface, food containers, food trays of refrigerating chambers and cabinets,

– medical devices: patches antimicrobial, antibacterial bandages, sterilizing wet wipes (impregnated with a solution of silver nanoparticles gauze), antimicrobial, antifungal ointment, antimicrobial hand gels,

products for agriculture: biocidal rubber details of milking machines (nipple rubber, couplings, etc.), biocidal agent against hoof rot (very bad on the route of the cattle in the stall),

– other products: reusable tablets for water disinfection based on water-swellable polymers and silver nanoparticles, wet wipes for personal care products containing nanoparticles of silver, biocide transparent lacquer for office equipment (computer keyboard, mouse, buttons and the housing of the telephone apparatus, etc.), biocidal fabrics for working clothes of employees of medical institutions and agricultural enterprises.


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