The ship’s laser to cut ice-breaker ships in the Arctic

Marine laser cutting and ice pilotage in the Arctic.

Technology is in the process of development!




Unique shipboard laser has a power of 200 kW and can cut through ice with thickness up to 1 meter and more.

Ship laser (laser unit) consists of a fiber laser, a fiber-optic cable installation, aiming and focusing beam laser and power supply systems. During the work of the shipboard laser will determine the line stress concentration of the ice, focusing on the laser radiation and to carry out the thermal effect necessary for cracking ice.

This laser facility will provide the posting of any ships through ice fields, regardless of their power. This will create a full year-round transport infrastructure in sub-Arctic and Arctic regions of Russia, to reduce the load of ice on engineering structures on the continental shelf.

A pilot test of laser installation is scheduled in the Arkhangelsk region at the end of 2017.